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ESO morrowind early access kicks off on May 22

Morrowind actually has got early access. Less waiting, less patience needed. Yes, it’s on Monday, May 22. This exciting news is for PC and Mac players who have purchased the Digital Upgrade version of ESO: Morrowind.

The full game on the live megaservers will be able to be played and all the progression will be retained. In addition, all PC and Mac players will be able to download Update 14 containing the fixes and improvements to the base game patch and DLC game packs on May 22 as well.

Well, due to the time needed for certification of the PlayStation and Xbox One ESO: Morrowind clients, console players still have to wait until June 6!

Also if you are a PC/Mac player but purchased the Physical Collector's Edition, a few steps need to be done to be in the EA.

For more please visit ESO official site.