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ESO Forum: Switch version of elder scrolls 5 will be released soon

There are a lot of players in ESO forum who love the elder scrolls, they are looking forward to the elder scroll 5 on the Switch performance. Although some of the players in the ESO forum feel that the game has been on the line for a long time, but in fact, its popularity is still very high. Many ESO forum players want to try out the new NS device's skyline game. Will there be any different experiences? 

ESO Nintendo Switch version

According to the statistical data in the ESO forum, E3 we are looking forward to the Elder Scrolls 5 running on Switch, but this time, it's version made some changes according to the equipment, such as image than the original version to upgrade a lot, but also adapt to the hardware features of the NS game, compared to the original version in 2011 and you may even think this is a brand new Elder Scrolls games, and because of different equipment, you can put the game with the PS4 version of XBOXONE and distinguished. The ESO forum concludes: "the new game has a whole new set of action design and weapon styling, and the offensive and defensive moves become more.". But I can't deny that this is the mobile version that inherited the essence of the elder scrolls, a special edition that can enter the skyline at any time.

Recently, Bethesda Softworks brought the Nintendo Switch version of the elder scroll 5 demo. We know from the ESO forum, this demo started from the town of wood Creek, demo control role of wearing the iconic horns, dressed in leather, after receiving the task she left town, because in the middle of the road completely did not encounter any enemy, so the play had to take the animal to the hand, his left hand holding the right hand last, very style of the Elder Scrolls series. Demo can see the NS version of the elder scrolls 5 running smoothly, all the contents of the game retained, can play such a portable elder scroll game, it can be said to be quite attractive. Switch version of the elder scroll 5 integrates the dawn guardian, fire and dragon three DLC, but also with the Switch handle, adding a unique way of operation. According to the ESO forum, Switch version of elder scrolls 5 will be publish at this winter.