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Dragon's Call - New Server with New Expansion Launched Today!

EverDream launched the 3rd server for their classic browser based game Dragon's Call today (Dec.15th 21:00PM EST), along with intriguing new expansion - Sacred Wings. According to the revealed info from the official, Sacred Wings features many creative add-ons.

Dragon's Call

Players may enter the "Sky City Arena" to gain the precious feathers and make different wings, try their luck in the "Combine Magic Formation" for heroic "Badges" to increase basic stat builds or even challenge those unbelievably giant in-game prizes.

Grab the Starter kit here and enter the new server events, join this fun with players all over the world now! As the Sacred Wings slogan said, "For heavenly fun, wing it!"

Sacred Wings New Features:

- Badges

- Feathers

- Wings

- Combine Magic Formation

- Sky City Arena