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Dragona's FPS Fighting System to Be Tested on Jan. 20

The MMORPG Dragona Online, which is produced by over 80 developers and published by Korea-based LivePlex, can be said as a masterpiece of LivePlex at the cost of more than 2 years and 8 billion won. Dragona Online is a fantasy game based on a destructive war between the Goddess and the Evil Dragon. Featuring rich important elements, including dragon hearts, magic enhancement and continental protection, as well as offering a variety of combat modes and a special system to convert dragon's power, this game is well received by players.

Recently, the official company has announced that a brand new FPS fighting system will be added to the game. As an important part of the game, the FPS fighting system provides a platform where characters can show off their respective strength and compete with each other. Moreover, the game will add more modes, like "Celebratory Fight", "Powerful Fight" and "Dead Fight".

The "Herrera Arena" is a combat mode in which players can fight in a designated area at a specific time. 100 vs. 100 combats can be carried out at best and the winning side will earn points from combats.

In the meantime, the game will update more types of combat modes later, and a 3-day game test will be held starting from January 20th. Players who are interested can search for more details through the game's official site.