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Dragona Online to Launch a Stock System in OBT

Korea-based LivePlex has recently announced through its official site that its 3D MMORPG Dragona Online, for which the famous Japanese AV star Aoi Sora serves as the spokesperson, will enter the OBT stage on Jan. 20, and that an extremely interesting stock system will be made available in the game when the time comes.


LivePlex said that according to a survey, Dragona Online is highly popular among the male players aged between 20 and 30 in South Korea. In view of this, the company decided to add the stock system into the game's OBT version, so as to attract more players in the same age group. Based on LivePlex's real share price on KASDAQ, the stock system allows players to transact with each other by use of in-game gold, with the settlement carried out every Thursday. Every Thursday, players can just find the designated NPC to convert, buy or sell stocks.

For example, each share of LivePlex on KASDAQ was valued at 2,480 won on Jan. 5 (Wednesday), then on Jan. 6 (Thursday), players could buy the shares at the unit price of 2 Gold 48 Silver in the game. Suppose LivePlex's share price rises by 10% by next Wednesday, players will then see their earnings increased by 10% and will be able to claim the earnings next Thursday. Dragona Online will integrate more elements existing in real life, so as to realize the pleasing combination of the virtual and real world and make players feel their connection with the real world during gameplay.

According to understanding, Dragona Online will first launch its OBT in South Korea on Jan. 20, and will later land in five countries and regions including Taiwan and Hong Kong successively.