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Dragon Saga Review by Zev

<p><a href="http://c.6wa6.com/c.php?p=raw&adzoneid=259&adid=1020" target="_blank">Dragon Saga</a>, which is formally known as Dragonica is a 3d side scrolling action mmorpg. The game is currently being released by Gravity games. This isn't actually the first time the game has reached the North American market. I haven't actually played the game since its former release, but was happy to see it reach North America again. </p><p><b>Creating a Hero</b> </p><p>The first thing in every gamer's quest is to create their hero, is it not? Well this is no exception. In the game you have four starting classes to choose from being the Warrior, Magician, Archer, or Thief. Being that these classes later can change into several different roles, this is actually plenty. After your choice you finally get to start customizing. The customization for the game itself is decent, but could be better. You are able to pick from a good selection of hair styles and color to go with them, but the faces are static to the eye colors they come with. So you may find an eye color you like, only to have a goofy, or even creepy looking face to accompany it. So while the character customization is somewhat limited, it is enough to make it so you can look at least unique to most people, though if you look hard enough, you may find that long lost twin of yours. </p><p align="center"><br></p> <p><b>Tutorial, fairly useful in this case</b> </p><p>First thing you will experience after you create your character is the tutorial. The tutorial will get you through some of the basics of the game, mostly combat, which will help you get used to the controls and using skills. (It has you use only one skill in the tutorial however) Another bonus being that the game doesn't take itself too seriously is the tutorial adds a bit of humor to it as well, which makes things a bit more interesting compared to the normal dull npcs of other games. I mean, did you see that wolf slap the guard? One other thing you will be introduced to in the tutorial is Pororing, who will be your helpful sidekick. By helpful, I mean he will tell you information when things happen, sometimes even if you are being attacked. In short, he is Navi from Legend of Zelda, but instead of having you press a button for information, he just sort of pops up and tells you anyway. Don't get me wrong, it is helpful, but sometimes it can be a pain. </p><p align="center"><div class="news_con"> <p><b>Hey, less talking more questing. That task I gave you won't finish itself.</b> </p><p>Why the odd title, you may ask. Well once you get in the game you will find out. The quests in the game are abundant and the quest system itself is fairly funny. Once you accept a quest, and try talking to the npc again, a dialog will pop up showing their impatience for you not doing what they ask, and instead insist on talking to them again. </p><p align="center"><br></p> <p>One thing to note is there are several types of quests. There are story quests, which you would need to progress along the storyline, normal quests, which aren't that important but can get you some extra exp and items, and there are daily quests which you can do daily(duh), and will give you some items and exp. All in all you have plenty of options for quests in game and from playing there are a lot to choose from. </p><p align="center"><br></p> <p><b>Arcade like combat</b> </p><p>The combat in the game, does feel more arcade style, which is refreshing from the slew of games that require you to point and click, instead you get to button mash like a pro. In actuality though I do have a spot in my heart for games like these, they make combat more interesting being that it requires more of a skill level and watching your enemies instead of rushing in and skill spamming for success. I say this because once you get to the bosses/higher enemies in each area you will notice that they have a pattern when you fight them. When they perform certain moves they usually have a stance or brief animation before performing it, which if you know what the skill is, lets you dodge it before it happens. Playing smart can make it so you take the least damage possible while taking the enemies out with ease. If I had to say one bad thing about the combat, it is that none of the characters have a defense key, to at least block and take less damage if you do get in the path of an enemy, other than that, like I said before, I love games with combat systems like this. In short the combat is a lot of fun, and watch your enemies. </p><p align="center"><br></p> <p>Speaking on combat, I may as well dive into the subject of the skill system in the game. The skill system actually doesn't bring anything new to the table, but it is worth mentioning anyhow. It is your basic, you level, get points, and spend them on skills, and you need to level certain skills to unlock others, ect. It is fairly basic and not complex, and I also doubt you will be getting all of the skills, at least not the first class ones. While playing my thief class, I only seemed to get skills that helped me take out a group easier. Such as leveling skills for launching enemies in the air and damaging them while attacking in the air. My only exception is the claw/katar skill which ups your chance of attacking twice. I invested in this one for obvious reasons. (Helpful for doing extra damage for when you are low/ out of mana and potions) </p></div><p>Upgrade to 8999

Yea, you all are probably sick of the meme that comes two numbers above that, but I ran out of witty titles for this. But since I am on the topic of upgrading, this is something I thought I should touch on as well. The game does feature an upgrading system. I like it, but at the same time I dislike it. I like it, because it is rather simple, but requires you to get items to be able to upgrade/succeed. What you need beyond the item to upgrade, is upgrade powders. There are different amounts needed depending on what level you are upgrading from, but these can be received from quests/other players/and drops from monsters on some maps. There are other items you can get namely cash shop items to make sure that high upgrade of yours has a better chance of going though. Which I don't mind as much, since if you wanted you could just save up for a high upgrade item in the auction house. Now for the thing I dislike about it. In the system there is no indication for what your success rate will be. So you are taking a shot in the dark every time without a percentage or even a hint on if you have a high or low chance. Gotta say, I am not a big fan of this, and wish they added some kind of indicator to make things go smoother, overall though it is a simple system that does its job.


The game does offer a pvp based system. I didn't get to it in this round of playing unfortunately, but I did in the previous Dragonica installment. The pvp in the game is room based and is available for those level 20 and up. Beyond just being for fun there is pvp combat for guilds, which is always a fun addition. I mean common, guilds are meant to be pacifists, "Hey guys check out our badass weapons, oh don't worry we don't hurt you." (bleh) Achievements, more than just for staring at.

This is another feature of the game I am a big fan of. Okay, I am not much of an achievement person in most cases, but for this I make an exception. This is because beyond working to get them to brag to your friends about, who really don't care (free life lesson), is that the achievements actually give bonuses to your character. This can be from stat bonuses to attack speed/movement speed/ or critical chance. It should be obvious, but the harder the achievement the better the rewards. One of them that I did get a kick out of was for your deaths. Hit 1000 deaths, get some defense bonuses. Overall a idea that is a tried and tested, but with a fun twist.

Work in Progress

There are some things I didn't cover, which seemed kind of hard to do since the game is still a work in progress. Once you get to a bigger town you will notice a lot of inaccessible shops, and features that just aren't complete. There was a whole district in town like this. Not saying that the game is broken because of this, on the contrary, it is still quite a fun game. But it is just impossible to do a full on review of something that doesn't have all the features in place. Graphics, so what if they're cute

Okay one thing a lot of people will point out, and may not try the game because of this, is the cute graphics. The game actually has a very cute look to it and the monsters don't look all that menacing or bloodthirsty. (Aka you wouldn't see them in the next horror flick) Other than that the graphics are well done and look very clean (You won't notice any pixilation or stretched images). The game offers a bright, colorful, and crisp world. Overall I like the graphics in the game, but for those who may not be to their style, I think you should give it a try nevertheless.


The game may be cute looking, but don't let it fool you. It is full of fun arcade like combat, humorous dialogue, and a fun adventure. On the other hand beyond the combat there isn't a lot to do, so it isn't the greatest choice for those looking for a hardcore adventure, but other than that, it is still a blast to play.


Fun arcade style combat

Funny dialogue

Very well done instance dungeons

Great tutorial to get you on track in game

Achievements that are more than bragging rights.


-Can get repetitive after awhile

-Cute graphics may turn some away

-Upgrade system needs some work