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Dragon Nest Priest Heraldry Guide

Heraldry is a characteristic system in Dragon Nest. Players can gain special items to compound heraldry through challenging difficult instances.Compound heraldry with the help of a particular NPC and then equip it to acquire heraldry's special skills which are enhancement or replenishment to players' default skills and can take effect in PVE or PVP.

Dragon Nest: Necessary Heraldries for Priests

1. Linked Lightning ★★★★☆
With the release of the Manticore Lord Nest, the ultimate damage went on the stage. Thanks to its multi-stage damage, the Linked Lightning skill links priests up with the ultimate damage. Moreover, this skill is attached with debufff effects.
I am equipping the Linked Lightning heraldry with 20% damage bonus. With a frontal strike, the dog commander will lose a whole bar of HP. The 20% damage bonus will be added to every attack.
Like Poisonous Cloud, this skill has 16 sec cooldown, but it becomes more effective when Poisonous Cloud has lost its importance in the Transform 3 version.

2. Grand Cross ★★★☆
Though Grand Cross deals much less damage resulting from its attack frequency after Transform 3 has been updated, a lot of people are still wearing this heraldry. Thus, it is necessary to mention it here.
This skill only reduces damage to a single monster, but it is still powerful in front of a group of monsters. It can deal considerable damage to a gang of monsters in Transform 3.
Its cooldown is less than 30 sec. Although the Level 4 prerequisite skill is required, it is used pretty frequently. If you have equipped the Grade A Grand Cross heraldry, you don’t have to change it. After all, it can speed up attack speed and reduce the chance to be interrupted.

3. Holy Bust ★★★★★
Don’t doubt it! Use it!
This skill has been improved greatly in Transform 3, and its cooldown has been shortened from 60 sec to 40 sec. I am sure the previous 60 sec cooldown did disgust lots of players.
Now I use Holy Bust heraldry with 20% damage bonus. In the Abyss mode, small monsters can be killed by one hit, while large monsters must be killed instantly by Grand Cross together with Holy Bust. The only drawback is the long cooldown.
With the enhancement of Holy Bust’s strength and the reduction of its cooldown in the Transform 3 version, this skill won’t let you down.

4. Relic of Lightning ★★★
After the release of Transform 3, the power of this skill has been reduced to a great extent. Having 10 sec cooldown and 15 sec effective time, this skill can only be used to hold back monsters. It is unnecessary to equip the heraldry to shorten its cooldown and improve its damage, because the cooldown can be reduced by 2 sec at most. Such a short time can be saved if you run.
Therefore, you are not advised to use this heraldry, after all, only four heraldry slots are offered.

5. Relic Of Cure ★★★★☆
This skill is easy to be ignored and thought of little value.
This heraldry is very cheap now, if you want to be a priest focusing on assistance, you must buy it. Don’t be hesitant.
Actually, I always use it when dealing with large monsters. It can not only block monsters, but also increase light attack by 15%.
More importantly, do you fret over the troublesome states while challenging the sunken ship or some other instances?
Poisoned, lethargic and frozen states come in thick and fast in the later instances. If you use the Relic of Cure, you can ensure you and your teammates from being disturbed by those states. This is the only skill for priests to remove states.
The higher level of this skill, the shorter of its cooldown and the more greatly it can increase the light attack.
The higher level of an instance, the better effect the skill will give rise to.

6. Electric Detonation ★★★★★
Hey, what are you hesitating? It is the sacred skill of priests.
In the Transform 3 version, this skill is enhanced and its cooldown is shortened to 20 sec.
The Chain Lightning also has a 20 sec cooldown, its area of effect is widened and its electric shock rate is almost 100% like Holy Bust.

7. Chain Lightning ★★☆
As a matter of fact, this skill cannot deal massive damage, so don’t depend on it to frustrate enemies.
The skill’s cooldown is reduced to 20 sec, which is the same with Electric Detonation’s. But this skill requires high levels. A Level 40 priest can cast it 8 times with 100% electric rate and then release Electric Detonation immediately.
As an electric skill, it causes low damage, obviously, it doesn’t need to wear its relevant heraldry.

8. Relic of Heal ★★☆
This skill is weakened worse than Grand Cross in the Transform 3 version.
Most of priests have low assistant attack. For example, they have 1600 assistant attack, but the HP they restore is less than players who have 30,000 HP.
Surely, things will become different if players wear Level 40 Grade A costumes.
Don’t equip its heraldry, after all, there are only four heraldry slots.

9. 10. Protection Shell, Striking ★
You don’t need to choose the two skills’ heraldries, for their bonuses will last longer than their cooldown.

11. Lightning Volt ★
It requires only the Level 1 prepositional skill in Transform 3 and deals not much damage. Don’t waste a heraldry slot.

12. Light Breath ★
The same as Protection Shell and Striking

13 Relic of Hold ★★★
If you are an assistant priest, you may choose to equip its heraldry.
This skill is somewhat effective, it can bind monsters who can only be bound by Holy Shock Wave and vice versa.

14.15.16 First Aid, Mind Breaker, Holy Wave ★
You don’t need to consider their heraldries, for these skills are of little use.

17. Relic Of Miracle ★★★★
This skill is changed a lot in Transform 3. Though it cannot help recover HP, it is very useful. It can reduce 70% damage dealt by the opponent and 27% damage and 3% extra damage when it is used together with Level 5 Protective Shield. In this way, players will be safe even though they are attacked directly by the Manticore.
Furthermore, this skill can generate much more damage. Therefore, players can choose the heraldry whether to reduce cooldown or increase damage according to their preferences.

19. Cure ★★★☆
Priests who have equipped the Grade A Cure Heraldry cannot change it.
Though it can restore HP for only once, this skill can restore more HP than Relic of Heal for players who have little assistant attack since Level 40 Grade A skills are not popular.
This heraldry is just better than Relic of Lightning and other heraldries.

20. Holy Shock Wave ★☆
There is no need to equip this skill’s heraldry, which will occupy a slot.
Think that so many skills are available in Transform 3, why not rely on this skill to deal damage? It has similar cooldown with Grand Cross and it is used to bind monsters. If it seems to produce fair damage, other skills will never disappoint you. You should always bear in mind that only 4 heraldry slots are available.

21.22 Defensive Shield, Holy Combo ★
Defensive Shield has no time limit, so there is no call for equipping its heraldry. Perhaps few players equip such heraldry nowadays, let alone Holy Combo’s.
23. Levitation, Side Skidding, Side Kick and Other Skills ☆
Priests are really unsuitable for equipping these heraldries.
Possibly, paladins are fitter for Side Kick. I suggest that priests should give up equipping such heraldries for assistant attacks.


1. Relic of Miracle ( damage, -Cooldown)
2. Relic of Cure (-Cooldown)
3. Relic of Lightning (-Cooldown)
4. Grand Cross( damage)
5. Holy Bust ( damage)
6. Electric Detonation ( damage)
7. Relic of Hold (-Cooldown)
8. Cure ( Healing)
9. Linked Lightning ( damage)

The above nine heraldries are more effective. Don’t take others into consideration.
Personally, I chose Linked Lightning Relic of Cure Electric Detonation Holy Bust
Certainly, you have your choice!