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Dragon Nest New Dungeon Features Compelling and Cooperative Gameplay

All of the current dungeons in Dragon Nest are merely for players' warming up because the really Nest is just about to come. Sea Dragon Nest, as we introduced before, is an 8-player Nest where you can battle dragon. According to the developer's introduction, you will not only face more powerful enemies in Sea Dragon Nest, but also have more fun and cooperative gameplays. Check out the video below.

Fighting with cannons is just part of the new combat gameplays that will be seen in Sea Dragon Nest, in addition, there will be different types of traps in the Nest and you have to cooperate to pass. To make more minigame-like challenges, the developer changes the programming that's used in the current dungeons and enhances the AI. Though the new Nest seems to have lots exciting contents, the developer doesn't want you to play it too often. They plan to allow you to challenge the Nest once a week, what's more, you can't resurrect in the Nest. Why? The developer wants you to conquer the dungeon by perfect teamwork instead of hundreds times of deaths and resurrections.

Sea Dragon Nest Teaser Trailer

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest