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Do We Really Have to Wait till 2012 for the Release of Guild War 2?

Days ago, ArenaNet updated its latest blog with a title "When It's Ready". Eric Flannum emphasizes the developers won't release info regarding Guild Wars 2's various systems until they feel it is perfect enough to be shown to the fans. This topic has sparked off a lively discussion on the release date of Guild Wars 2. Do we really need to wait until 2012 for its release?

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Ravious from KillTenRats has aired his own opinion about ArenaNet's latest blog.

"Of course, it all comes back to information flow. They definitely have a schedule of points of discussion, but it's a fluid one. Flannum discusses how they had a roadmap of profession reveals months ago, but the eight professions danced around the roadmap to the degree that the current roadmap looks very different. Between the lines, it's easy to tell that things must be very iterative with big things like PvP and underwater combat. It's not that they don't have a good idea; it's just that when they tell us, they want to freakin' tell us. With the degree of reception of the revealed professions, convention demo material, and everything else we've learned so far, I'd say this is a pretty good strategy."

It seems that ArenaNet has some reservations about revealing more detailed information. After all, this game has been under development for almost 4 years by now and we still don't know exactly how much of the game the development team has completed. Also, with the advent of American holidays coming this week, the development of the game may see a hiatus as the staff of ArenaNet takes a break with the holidays. Many fans worry that with the current development speed, they will not get to see the final release until 2012. That is a long way more to go indeed and the whole wait would be simply excruciating for fans worldwide.

On the other hand, ArenaNet says they can't divulge anything that will be different from future releases or reveal some semi-finished systems. That indicates what you see in the current sneak peeks would probably be what you get when GW2 is finally released. At the very least, the current features we know about the game such as dynamic event, PvP system and underwater combat, sound really appealing and worth waiting for. And to some extent, it could prevent some players from feeling disappointed should the final product fails to live up to any overly huge hype.

Obviously, we all hope ArenaNet would accelerate the development speed so that we could play this highly-anticipated game sooner. Or in any case, at least release the fifth class as soon as possible? Such a long wait is agonizing indeed and I believe many fans would die for any new information. As for the release date, do we really have to wait until 2012? Maybe only time could tell.

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