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DFO Strategies for New Players

As I have written a blog series of DFO strategies for new players. If you have ever read my DFO Strategies Series, you must have been going through much and known well of Silver Crown. You must have chosen your professions when you reached level 15 after finishing the fifth map Ringwood. The last map is Ringwood Underground Penitentiary and when you complete this map for the first time. You will level up and receive the level-up challenge Rewards. Now it is time to consider to switch your quests, skills and equipment.

DFO Level-Up Challenge Rewards

If you really have many blue items in your inventory, you can use them to disassemble them for some materials by finding a Disassemble Machine.  When you retry the map Ringwood Underground Penitentiary, you will find actually it is not so difficult but only for training new skills. Keep in mind that you’d better not go into other room and go directly for the Boss. Continue for the special map with all these done. If you want to try special map, it is much more difficult than normal map. You can buy DFO gold to get some good gear to make yourself powerful and strong.

It costs almost 8 fatigue points each time when you enter in the special map.  No matter what you do in the map, there is no any other cost. First of all, you should go to the map Forgotten Forest (Special).

The Forgotten Forest (Special) is a bit more difficult so that many new players can’t master their skills well and they have to use Life Tokens in the map. Then follow the below tips to help you.

Tips for fighting this map

Some difficulties are marked in this map. If you can’t control and master your skills, you are likely to use Life Tokens, so watch out for your characteristics.

There are four Felon Ogre in the first room. And they have amazing attack ability and it is hard for you to disturb them and stop their dash.  You can gather them and fight against them together. The other is to separate them and solve them one by one. It is up to your professions for choosing which way.

The second room is Knight Armor. It is not so difficult, you can pass it normally.

The third room is much more terrible, and the Bleak Dingle will attack you fiercely. Stalkers are around to attack you. Though the attack is untraceable, it is really hard to avoid. Moreover, Bleak Dingle will become more with the time passed. What you need to do is to sec kill them.

The 4th and 5th rooms are both quite easy, you still need to seckill the monsters, go through normally.

The 6th room is the Lighting Prism, which needs with high attack ability. Be careful to avoid the damage from its lightning ball, you can pass with your patient.

There are four cruel bosses with four different attributes of Ice (Boss Aquarius), Flame (Boss Flame Hulk), Lightning (Boss Glaerin) and Dead (Boss Dead Murker).  You should solve them separately after all they are seldom to gather together. Firstly, you can kill Flame and Aquarius as they have ranged attack and they will interfere with your attacking to others. According to their attribute, you can fight them and kill Hulk/Aquarius, then kill Hulk /Aquarius, and kill Glaerin /Murker then kill Murker /Glaerin.

After have completed this map, you can gather some purple items and choose two of them to complete the following quests: