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DFO Soul Bender, Asura and Blade Master

Non-boss monster's around you(basically a whole map skill meant to clear out the monsters) suddenly get infected with a blood boiling disease making them 50% weaker to bleeding attacks. If clicked another time, their blood turns into gas and bursts out of them causing them to die. The gas lasts for 10 seconds after bursting out, any monster(bosses included) walking through it receives (-insert normal regular attack damage for a level 70 Berserker here-) damage per second and also causing them to bleed for 4 seconds.

Soul Bender:
Eye of Soul-Frost-3 Clear Cube Frag. Skill-10 second CD
The Soul Bender focuses on enemies in front of him in a line, making their souls freeze, doing (-insert regular melee damage of a level 70 Soul Bender here-) per second for 5 seconds. After that the monsters will have a weakness to any kind of attack for 10 seconds as a result of them having their soul frozen.

Eyes of the Kazan-3 Clear Cube Frag. Skill-5 minute CD
Asura channels the inner Kazan to make the whole room black. After 3 seconds of darkness, on the walls that are now darkened will appear many demonic black-pupiled and red-irised eyes. After 2 more seconds, the eyes glow bright red and shoot out beams of darkness and light combined, doing (-insert regular wave damage of a level 70 Asura here-) per second for a maximum of 5 seconds(not OP, knowing that it takes more than that to kill a regular monster, even WAY more to kill a mini-boss and a big boss). It is cheap to buy DFO gold from dfogoldsale.com

Blade Master:

Dragon Slice-3 Clear Cube Frag. per activation Skill-20 Second CD
Blade Master's weapon glows bright blue, forming it into a dragon weapon(not the Growing Weapon, but an actual dragon-like blade or any other Slayer weapon). After a 0.5 second delay, he starts creating waves when slicing, the waves slice behind him, in front of him, below him and above him, doing (-insert regular melee damage of a level 70 Blade Master when using a certain type of Slayer weapon of choice here-) per slice for 10 seconds maximum. Skill can be held down to slice, but it does not exceed 10 seconds. Can be canceled faster by just letting go of the skill button it is signed to.