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DFO Developer Announced Its New Title - Cyphers

Neople is the developer of Dungeon Fighter Online, a 2D side-scrolling action MMO which is extremely popular with a record of 2.4 million simultaneous online users around the world. Recently, Neople has announced its newest MMO Cyphers, which has been developed for 5 years with the use of Unreal Engine. In the meantime, Neople has begun to recruit testers for Cyphers' first closed beta test which will last from January 17th to 24th.

Neople joined forces with Epic Games Korea to make public Cyphers and some relevant game info based on a secret agreement.

Cyphers is a brand new 3D action game featuring group battles. To feel the exhilaration of victory, individualized characters can team up to destroy buildings at the hostile base. Moreover, players are able to enjoy strategic deployment, gorgeous actions and character growth.

In order to bring 3D PC-based Cyphers to the market as quickly as possible, Neople employs the excellent Unreal Engine to increase the efficiency of development.

An employee from Epic Games Korea expressed that Epic Games Korea was very pleased with Dungeon Fighter Online's developer Neople, for it chose the Unreal Engine to develop its new title Cyphers. He also said the spectacular 3D action group battles in Cyphers were extremely anticipated by both Epic Games Korea and players.