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Destroyer’s Main Skills Analysis in Blade & Soul

In Blade & Soul, Destroyer is a class with both offense and defense ability. Since he has gorgeous appearance and his skills are characteristic, Destroyer becomes quite popular among players. This article is to analysis its main skills.

1.Protect: Talent. This is an powerful skill. As Destroyer has no counterattack, Protect is of great importance to destroyer. Heals 20% HP in 4 seconds. CD: 45 seconds.
(1) Skills in right column: Heals 30% HP with additional stun effect and CD time will be increased to 60 seconds. I suggest to train to level 2 - tier talent in right column.
(2) Train talent in left column, and skills change to attack skills with tons of damage. (Damage will be over 2,200 when attacking stunned or groggy targets at level 32.)

2.Gale is the most popular skill for Destroyer. It can deal AOE damage with multiple hits, instant casting and no CD time. Once getting 2 talent points, the movement speed will be increased to 1.8 times of the original speed, 400% defense ability. However, attack ability will be decreased by 25%. Obviously, it is the best AOE damage skills in Blade & Soul.

Tips: Train third - tier can add damage with fire effect and inner chi will be reduced. At the same time, 400% defense will be removed without movement and high damage. Fourth-tier can add damage based on that of the third-tier. As for me, I’d like to train fourth - tier as it has considerable damage. Its first attack can consume 30 inner chi and click TAB during Gale can trigger successive attacks. Every time, 10 inner chi will be reduced and his single target output is quite high. While he can’t move and CD time is quite long if being interrupted.

3. Leg Chop: Causes the target groggy for 2 seconds. Causes stun, down and groggy effect for 4 seconds after train talents.

4.Grab is a gorgeous skill without practical use. The advantage of Grab is that he can grab all kinds of Boss and his teammates output. Then he will launch the target into the air and knocks down. There are three skills after Grab.
1)Headbutt: deal damage with weak effect.
2)Ground slam: down an enemy with little drain effect.
3)Axe Toss: toss enemy for 15 meters, and down for 3 seconds. When killing boss, it may be of special effect, while it is unpractical.

The most control skill of destroyer is down skill and 2 of them are AOE down skill. So my current weapon has 2 slots: one is with effect of draining 80 HP and the other is with effect that adds 60 damages when in down state. For better weapons, you can buy cheap Blade & Soul gold from ssegold.