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DC Universe Online Endgame Contents? There's No End for the Game!

As a story-driven MMORPG, DC Universe Online won't make too many obstacles to slow your progression. That's to say, you can touch the level cap(level 30) in one or two weeks, even a few days. You don't have to worry about boring grind - that's good news, but how about endgame contents? What can you do after reaching the level cap? Here DCUO Game Director Chris Cao talks about the endgame contents. In his words, there's no end for this game.

The video shows several raids(for 8 players) as well as group combat alerts(for a smaller group) you can challenge at the top level. All these raids and alerts have their own stories and related DC characters. Some famous places in Gotham city, like Arkham Asylum and Batcave, will be made into the most dangerous and exciting places for your groups. Some legendary DC heroes and villains will show up there and to be your companions or your enemies.

In fact, hard mode alerts and raids are only available at level 30, and that's a reason that why the game allows you to level up fast, and that's also why Chris Cao says there's no end for this game. Besides, the developer is preparing more contents for you as SOE's boss John Smedley tweets that "More content incoming for DCUO!"