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CryEngine 3 MMO CABAL 2 to be Unveiled in G-Star Next Month

G-Star 2010 will kick off next month in Korea. You may have already had your eyes on Blade & Soul, New Lineage 2 project, and TERA, etc. Now you have one more game to see, that's Cabal 2. What's more exciting is that EST Soft will demonstrate gameplay footage for the CryEngine 3 MMORPG!


Since the developer refuses to discuss about the game before G-Star 2010, they just tells the public that Cabal 2 will try to balance the solo and party gameplay. The dungeons will be dynamic and each class will have its own story. They will conduct beta tests for the game in Korea throughout the year of 2011.

Interestingly, the Chinese company Moliyo, who published Cabal Online in China before, announced their version of Cabal 2 and released a trailer in August. ESTsoft soon declared that Moliyo's Cabal 2 was unlicenced.