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Creation of the FFXIV Races

Square Enix has published another Final Fantasy XIV video on their Youtube channel. Today’s video talks about how the 5 races were created and the hard work that the development team put into them. Nothing really ground breaking here, but it’s fun to see the motion capture system used to model the emotes and other motions.

In other news, Famitsu published another article with 50 screenshots from around the city of Limsa Lominsa. The article also talks about the retainer system, but we already have a nice image in our gallery that explains it (this reflects the current state of the retainer system in the beta, it is subject to change). Retainers provide 3 functions: item storage, selling items like a bazaar, and item seeking (they will buy items from other bazaars if the price matches the price you set). When choosing your retainer you get to pick the race and gender, then you are presented with a small group of around 5 pre-made retainers to choose from. Once selected, that retainer is yours.

Update 1: Yesterday, the director of FFXIV posted a note to beta testers about parties and guildleves and their intended way to be played.