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Crafting in FFXIV:ARR Guide

Generally, we think Crafting is just swinging a hammer around like some brainless oaf and pushing buttons. However, actually, in order to craft truly gorgeous things, you must master a number of different techniques. This is a guide about FFXIV Crafting, including basic skills, Quality and Craft Conditions, A Crafters Gear , The work of a crafter and Shared Skills.

Chapter 1: The basic skills

Generally, we think Crafting is just swinging a hammer around like some brainless oaf and pushing buttons. However, actually, in order to craft truly gorgeous things, you must master a number of different techniques. The basic skills of Crafting are below.

Basic Synthesis is the most essential thing of all, obviously, make sure this is the thing that will make your wanted item make progress. Please note that, it won’t consume your CP, otherwise you may find yourself get stuck.

The heart of quality. The things you create will be mediocre at best without it. Obviously, players all want good quality items and they pay good for it. So if you want to earn more, please remember to try your hardest. It will cost 24 CP by using it.

Master’s Mend is of great importance, which I think is as the most important skill as Basic Synthesis. When the durability of your craft comes to zero, it will be via failure, progress or quality, it breaks and you fail. With it, however expensive the skill is, you will never let failure happening. Keep on eye on your CP!

Steady Hand can save your hide when you are dealing with rare or precious material and can’t afford to go for quality, or when every little point of durability is precious.

Inner Quiet can gets better after each time you improve quality. It is one of my favorites.

Observe is a skill which can make your stare at your craft without doing anything.

Manipulation is for when you are trying to craft truly hard things over your horizon. You can squeeze some precious durability out of a delicate piece in combination with observe. Therefore, it is the basics.

Chapter 2: Quality and Craft Conditions

I keep talking about how quality is important. Now let us have a look at how we actually get there.

You must notice that when you craft materials, a line says "Condition: Normal". Here is when things get interesting. When you start your basic training ,you will begin to see this.

When it says “Good”, it means you will get better result if you use a Touch Skill to improve your crafts quality. Good is not the only condition, you will also turn into Poor and Excellent. Poor means, you need to improve quality as you are wasting precious CP. While “Excellent” means the things you craft are huge boost in quality. Remind that if your try fails when the condition is Excellent, it will drop to Poor in the next step.

A Crafter’s greatest tool is precision. And good material!
A skilled craftsman can make quality out of everything, good material will make it all the much easier.

Then, let me show you something.

You need to go harvest some wind shards soon. And for the other, it means you have some quality materials available to use in this piece.
Note: when it says "Quality: 0 / 866" in the top right corner, it is your start with crafting at currently set conditions. Zero is 1% base chance to produce quality.

Look at the below materials which is my available quality materials.

It looks a little better already, doesn’t it? Then, how much might that be?

9% is the quality already. The higher your quality already is , the stronger the effects of raising quality will be. As long as your improve a crafts quality, it can reach over 50%.

Now, I want to pick up some material to show you more...

This is pure quality available for an all new start with and all new item. How will it look like?

15% right off the bat, and half the max quality number filled. If you begin to improve quality from now on, you will find some serious number jumps. Each time I use Basic Synthesis, I can gain almost 15 progress, so I need to use that five times to finish the craft. And it will stop at 4. Then focus on quality. When durability becomes low, start to use Master Mend. When running out of CP, I will finish the craft with Basic Synthesis to improve quality.

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Now, that's that about quality and crafting. Now, shall we get to look the part?

Chapter 3: A Crafters Gear

As a crafter has much to do with managing gear as it has with provide others with theirs. Let us visit a store in Ul'Dah who sells gear to get you started with.

Gwalter sells the most basic gear for Gatherer and Crafter. And we are look for Hempen Doublet Vest of Crafting, as below picture shows.

Focus on it can Craftmanship and Control.

Craftmanship determines how much Progress you make when using synthesis skills.
While Control determines how much Quality you add when using Touch skills.

Then, look at the gear I wear!

See the pattern here. Make full use of trinkets as you need all the CP you can get.

Control, Craftmanship, CP.

You need them all, just try to balance your gear sooner or later towards what you want.

Chapter 4: The work of a crafter

And now, let us talk about Tradeleves.
Tradeleves are what brings the food to the table when you are not the trading things. You can find them at which you find other kind of leve.

Note that here can provide you with them within the walls of Ul'Dah. Tradecraft Leves are quite simple.

You pick one you think you can do.
You craft the desired item.
You turn it in...

You claim your reward.

It is really fairly simple. However, there is something deeper behind everything you crafter do.

Always remember Quality! Beats! Everything! Take an example what this mean to tradecraft leves turning into a high quality item.

Except for more efforts, what is the difference?

First of all, we get warmed about what we are about to do. But next steps are much sweeter.

You're seeing this right, this isn’t no typo.

Ding ding, jackpot! Now THIS is what I call compensation for my efforts. But wait, it can get BETTER!

Now you may notice that the daily limit how many levels of any type is limite. Six allowances per day so you need to spend them well. I want to point out something extraordinary interesting.

Three decorated copper scepters. Sounds like some work to do. But the pay is looking great, right? Now, in the spirit of what I keep telling you all over, what happens if we turn in three high quality scepters? Let us find out.

Now, not only do we get our 200% reward, what is awesome by itself..

This is an interesting load of reward.

We're offered an extension to our contract. And what does this mean for us?

It means we can repeat the job, basically start from scratch. We get to do the same tradecraft leve WITHOUT spending an additional allowance!

And as long as we trade in ONLY high quality scepters, without exception...

We can do this again.. and again..

Keep working hard, delivering quality and get rich! If you put effort, you will get amazing quality item.

And this is all I can teach you about the early tradecraftleves.

Chapter 5: Shared Skills

Have you ever wondered "I can do this while crafting rings, can't I somehow apply my knowledge of meaterial while working in the armor forge?" Actually, to some degree, yes.

Remember the skill Manipulation?

At Affinity, it requires Disciple of the Hand. Stating requires Goldsmith, which means Manipulation is a shared skill". To make use of that, you can go through some effort and visit other workshops to learn a few things.

Be familiar with your skills interface. And you need to read the tab that reads "Additional".

Select one of the professions we have learned a shared skill from.

From Armorsmithing, we learned Rapid Synthesis which is a powerful Synthesis skill with 250% effectiveness, but only a 50% success chance. We tick the little box on the left of said skill.. And now we repeat the same thing with the other job I learned.

Careful Synthesis is a weaver skill which has only 80% effectiveness, but a 100% success chance. Perfect for the final finishing touch.

Now, as you see, there are five slots on the bottom of that screen, of which two have filled as we selected our skills. From this point, you can drag the skills onto your skill bars.

And use them for your future crafting needs. All about shared skills are over.

Have fun and good luck on your way!

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