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Conquer Online Expresses Prayers for Egypt

Conquer Online has just released an official news to express the community's kind wishes for their players in Egypt.

Since debut in 2003, the game has been showing growing popularity all around the world, including Arabic areas. It has attracted countless Egyptian players to join CO's huge global fan community. The Egyptian players also contributed great efforts to the game.

Now due to the recent violence and protests in Egypt, phone service and Internet have been shut down all over Egypt. CO's players in Egypt will be not able to play the game for now.

During this crisis, many people have been killed or injured. Hearing the sad news, the TQ team has expressed their prayers for the people of Egypt and hope Egypt can soon resolve their conflict and return to a state of peace. Hope all the CO fans in Egypt will remain safe!

Egyptian Players in Conquer Online

Player community's good wishes for Egyptian players.