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Conquer Online - Capture the Flag Contest 2011

The TQ team has announced that new PK events will be released soon. They are Capture the Flag Contest and Skilled Team PK Tournament. Some players want to know more details. So as a player of Chinese version, I want to share what I knew about the Flag Contest with you.

At the beginning, I want to ask all of you, what are you fighting for? Some of you may answer me that I just fight for Exp and rewards! But as a guild member, we should win some honors for our guild. In Chinese conception, flag is the symbol of the guild’s reputation and represents this guild’s faith, so all guild members must defend it deadly. So do the guild members in CO.

The aim of this contest is to provide a chance for we conquerors to show our skills and the guild’s power. Only guild member can join this contest every Saturday. When you participate into this event, you will find a yellow mark which is the location of the flag. The next you need to do is just go to grab it as soon as you can.

The flag is so heavy that you can’t jump when you take it. But you still can ride the mount or use the skill to speed up. The destination is Altar and it will be marked by a red sign. Take this flag to the Altar and plug the flag into it. While you will win some scores to your guild, a new flag will be respawned. There are 3 altars on the map and different altars will give you different scores. On the way to the Altar, we will confront adverse guild members who want to capture the flag crazily. So I think we need to think out a strategy according to the classes’ features and the skills we have.

We should not take for granted that our skills are very powerful, so we will win. This contest examines not only our skills but also our cooperation and our wisdoms. So prepare yourself well and consult with your teammates if you want to join this contest. It’s not an easy task, so the winners and their guild will win rich rewards and high honor, good luck! ^_^