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Comments and suggests to BNS Secrets of the Stratus

With the Secrets of the Stratus living in Blade and Soul, there are some disadvantages of this new update. I want to give me comments and suggest some advice about Secrets of Stratus. If you want to buy Blade and Soul gold, SSEGold is your best choice with lowest price!

Hongmoon Skills still require the items for the achievements to obtain. They are noted by the little book icon on skills in the skill book. Red indicates that you don't have the Hongmoon Skill unlocked.

Social Clans seem to be for people that want to be in a clan, but don't want to feel pressured into PvP, or to contribute materials/gold. Although if you join one, that means no clan crafting at all, including Hongmoon Pellets.

How about giving Social Clan members the ability to individually craft things, and/or providing another way to get a Hongmoon Pellet? Currently the only other way to get Hongmoon Pellets is with zen beans, which is PvP, but if you wanted to do PvP, you wouldn't be looking to join a Social Clan in the first place.

Also I really don't care for this dumbed down skill system. If people had problems understanding something as simple as that was, I can't see them being able to play this, or most games with RPG elements. In RPGs we usually have choices to make in where you put points, and such, but often those choices can't be changed as easily as skill points in B&S could.

Knowing that it was in other regions, or not doesn't change the fact that I just don't like it when compared to what we had. Then aside from the option of selected hybrid builds (though even with this as it is, some skills in one element tree, will still do the element damage of the other one) we still have less choice/options than we used to have, since as was said by Mohammad Almotaileq, some skills/options did just completely get removed (ex: BM used to have the option of a higher damage attack against knocked down targets, rather than a low damage kick to recover some focus, now we just have the kick).

Then not being able to make these decisions ourselves, due to a simplified skill tree, is quite simply a dumbed down version of what we had, there's just no other way of describing it. They even said it was done to make things easier ("overall goal of these changes is to simplify what was previously an overly complex system , when I found it quite easy before anyhow. I liked being able to sit there with X number of points, and deciding where to put them, to do the most good, for what I wanted to do. It's not that "it made me feel smart," I just like being able to make decisions of how my char works, we lost some of that.

Then looking at the aggressive responses of those speaking against my comment, it really does remind me of one of the other big problems in this game, the rude community, and our reliance on it to get ahead. No matter how often they reduce the cost of upgrades, so long as we're dependant on that community to get upgrade items like the breakthrough/evolution weapons, people won't be able to upgrade their gear to what such a community considers acceptable to do the content (even when the game now states advised AP levels for dungeons), which restricts them from playing the game, so they eventually quit. Looks like we could do that new solo zone for peaches, to get dungeon weapon chests, which is nice and all, but I don't want to do just one piece of content, for all my upgrade needs.