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Combat System in FFXIV

I have played enough pvp in my years game to have a broad list for comparison. All the PvP skills are now PvP specific. You have combo actions that auto-advance to the next action in your combo. For DRG for example they have one for their Full Thrust Combo + Fang and Claw and they have another action for the Chaos Thrust Combo + Wheeling Thrust.Their standard combo actions don't cost TP but some of their abilities do like Jump costing 200 TP. You have a total of 9-10 actions for every job, gear doesn't matter anymore (glamour only), you can also slot in 2 additional actions and 3 passive traits.

The combat system in ffxiv just doesn't lend itself well to responsive fast paced pvp. It's too clunky. If you want to get cheap FFXIV Gil, just go to SSEGold buy FFXIV Gil, which is cheap and safe.

If you were to say take the punishing twitch reaction speed required for a older game like aion online, and apply it to the super casual skill level of people in ffxiv I can't imagine most would last the day. 

Simplification is often a perspective dependent on your experience as a gamer. But I have little doubt that it's objectively true that modern games are an over simplified joke.

When people talk about things being easier to achieve. They miss the point that time gating served to recreate the barriers that exist in real life, with regards to any hobby. 

When you take that away not only is the sense of long term investment and achievement removed but in most circumstances the instant gratification gamer only stays for five minutes because things achieved without effort aren't valued.

Ultimately the mmo world doesn't lend itself to sophistication or difficulty anymore (In whatever form that may take) because they can't be bothered to invest in game as a proper hobby.

Simplified games are still just a matter of time. There isn't any difference there.

Skilled hobbies attract people because they are worthy of investment. Entertainment is fine but I'd argue it is enhanced by challenge not diminished by it. Not everything has to be for he selfish benefit of the individual. It should be for the betterment of the wider game and genre. But alas it is not and the psychology of it is too far gone down the fast money route.

If people are looking to push the boundaries of skill, mmo game isn't it. Hopefully most people will agree on that much. A pity that there is no true challenge out there.