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Closed Beta Confirmed To Be Happening in 2011

According to the updated official FAQ of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has revealed some really exciting information regarding the timescales and current progress of the game – Guild Wars 2's closed alpha and beta tests will be happening in 2011!

We will be conducting small closed alpha and beta tests in 2011. The feedback from these tests will determine when we will do public beta tests and ship the game. Guild Wars 2 is a very large and ambitious game, and Guild Wars players rightfully have very high expectations. We want players to be absolutely blown away by the game the first time they experience it.

But according to Guild Wars 2 Guru, Martin Kerstein and Regina Buenaobra from ArenaNet quickly emphasise that this does not mean that they have any defined time frame for the release of the game, however:"The existence of friends and family closed alpha and closed beta this year has changed nothing about the release date. The release date continues to be: when the game is ready."

There is a note also: currently, there is no sign up for any form of beta and when there is, it will be announced on the official Guild Wars 2 site.