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Classic WoW First Aid Guide

Classic WoW First Aid Guide

Okay, so there are a whole lot of first aid guides out there, largely with the same information. I aim to cover not only how to level up your first aid whether you’re alliance or horde, but also my take on how necessary it is to keep up with as you’re leveling up. 

First off, I don’t care what class/race combination you are running, you are going to be killing a LOT of humanoids and collecting cloth as you level up. 

That cloth will generally eventually go to one of three places - the auction house for extra gold, the tailoring profession, or first aid. Everyone loves gold, and it is important to save any unwanted resources you have in order to help you on your way to those big purchases like your epic mount. A case can be made that every single class has use for first aid, however. For sure, if you are a rogue or warrior, bandages are absolutely essential to your survival. For these two classes, your first aid should be considered one of your main skills and leveled up accordingly. These melee damage classes not only have little to no self-healing abilities, but they are also always taking damage. I would also argue that for hunters, first aid is essential - it’s handy for topping up your pet, and helps save on downtime.

classic wow first aid bandages

Why is first aid so important for these classes, though? We all regenerate health over time, and I could sell that cloth for some valuable gold!

If you wanted to make a hierarchy of resources for classic WoW, your time is always at the top. You should always be asking yourself how you can most effectively use your time. If you can do something quicker, then you can get more experience points/loot/gold for your time. For warriors and rogues, the necessity of first aid comes naturally. Of course if you spend less time between fights healing up, then you can spend more time doing valuable quests and killing mobs - and what’s faster than eating food? Bandaging up! 

But how about mages? Shamans? Druids? Paladins? How about classes designed for healing like priests? I would argue that every class has a use for bandages. Consider bandages like a weapon in your arsenal against the world - what if you’re out of mana and low on health? What if bandages can save your from death, or help you get a few extra kills before you have to stop and regen? It all comes back down to time - if you die, you lose time. If you can prolong your downtime, you are winning.

I’m not going to break this down and tell you where every class can benefit from bandages, but let it be known that every class has a real use for them! You are going to be collecting cloth as you level up anyway, and I would argue that a free healing spell is worth way more than a couple extra gold pieces any day.

To get started in first aid, whether you are Alliance or horde, head on down to your capital city and seek out the first aid trainers there. You can reach Journeyman (level 150) first aid just from the trainers here. After that, you’ll need to start purchasing books in order to learn how to progress. If you’re lazy, you can hit up the auction house and buy “First Aid - Under wraps”, otherwise you can purchase it from Deneb Walker in the Arathi Highlands (Alliance), or Balai Lok’Wein in Dustwallow Marsh (Horde).

Deneb Walker

To progress past level 225, though, you need to complete a quest called “Triage”, available from Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Dustwallow Marsh (Alliance), or Doctor Gregory Victor in the Arathi Highlands (Horde)

After all that training, you should be set to get to maximum level in your first aid, and you won’t regret that you did. When it comes down to it though, don’t let my opinions sway your idea of fun. Do whatever makes you happy.

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