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Classic Monsters of Final Fantasy Series will Come to FFXIV

According to the information updated on FFXIV official site, we can see the races of Final Fantay XIV are all similar to the races from Final Fantasy XI: The human-like Hyur, the elf-life Elezen, tiny humanoids Lalafell, the seafaring Roegadyn and the cat-like Miqo'te. So maybe you will not surprise to see that the monsters of Final Fantasy XIV are also come from former Final Fnatasy games.

FFXIV monster screenshot, feel familiar?

CVG(computerandvideogames.com) today reported that the art director of FFXIV - Akihiko Yoshida has already confirmed this message. Akihiko Yoshida has told NVision magazine this month that although there won't be direct similarities between recent release FFXIII and the game, monsters from the series history will appear.

"We are attempting to achieve a development process that takes full advantage of the know-how obtained from Final Fantasy XI while also improving on its shortcomings," he said.

"Given the differences in the game worlds, there will be no direct transplants from FFXIII. However, players can expect to see some of the classic monsters from the Final Fantasy series making an appearance, a number of which will be undergoing a makeover from FFXI."