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Chinese Gov. Take Action to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

With view to the increasingly serious infringements of intellectual property rights (e.g. the piracy software) in Mainland, China which have severely affect the game, movie & TV, and novel industries, etc., the State Council Information Office of the PRC held a press conference on Nov. 30, and announced to take action to protect the intellectual property rights from the end of this year, especially the copyrights of software, games, words, movies and TV plays.

Intellectual Property

According to Jiang Zengwei, Vice Minister of Commerce of the PRC and director of the National Office of Special Actions (translated), the protection of intellectual property rights is necessary for the market to grow stably, and the action carried out around Mainland, China this time also reflects relevant authorities' fierce determination to solve the problem.

So far, 30 important cases have been handled initially in this special action, and the General Administration of Press and Publication has also investigated 55 important copyright infringement cases. Meanwhile, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the General Administration of Customs have put more energy into management.

The indifference to intellectual property rights has caused China's creative culture industry to suffer a great loss. For example, China's video game industry was once on the edge of extinction, pirated books, games and software are scattered here and there, and the numerous online game clones even slow down the growth of the newly born online game industry. It is undoubtedly wise that the Chinese government take action now, which also lays a firm foundation for the western game companies' march into the Chinese market.