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[CGDC 2010] Plants vs. Zombies to Add Online Version But NOT MMO

At this year's China Game Developers Conference, PopCap's CEO (Asia/Pacific) James Gwertzman talked about the creation process of their popular game Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies – A Tour Through PopCap's Development Process. He shared a lot of details about this brilliant game such as the inspiration source, more than two hundred names for Plants vs. Zombies, and so on.

James Gwertzman

James told us that the original inspiration of Plants vs. Zombies was from War 3 Tower Defense and other popular farming games. In the past four years, Plants vs. Zombies has changed a lot, not only the gameplay but also the art style. The sunflower you see now is totally different from its first one.

Plants vs. Zombies

For the Chinese market, James said that the company had built an over 70 people team for PopCap Shanghai studio. The studio will focus on creating innovative free to play casual games for Chinese market, for instance, Chinese zombies may be added after localization. Actually, the Chinese zombies have been added into the iPad HD version. Have you found that?

Chinese zombies

The online server of Plants vs. Zombies for co-operation model and competitive model where two players are allowed to play together has been added into the latest version. They really want to create an online universe for both the game and players. However, when I asked James whether the MMO version for Plants vs. Zombies would be close, "There are a lot of rumors, but we have announced nothing." he responded.

Chinese zombies and monsters

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