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[CGDC 2010] EVE Online's Chinese Server to Be Merged with Its World Server

At CGDC 2010 (Game Developers Conference) held in Shanghai, China, Hilmar V. Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, disclosed a crazy plan that they would connect the Chinese server of EVE Online with its world server in the future to make all EVE Online players throughout the world gather together.

Hilmar V. Petursson

This is another huge localization step of CCP Games, following its Shanghai Studio.

When speaking of the game's localization, Hilmar said, to make EVE Online better accepted by Chinese players, their development team has put much energy into its localization work, for example, on the character creation interface, they have added some oriental-style faces, costumes and more options for players to choose from and provided localized support including style, fashion, technology, etc., aiming to make EVE Online become the largest world-class single-server game in history.

EVE Online

According to Hilmar Petursson, this plan will provide an opportunity for Chinese players and other players in the world to compete with each other in a same place and make them enjoy better gaming services.