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Celebrating our 11th anniversary--Gifts giveaway and special 10$ FFXIV ilvl320 full gear (9/8-9/18)

SSEGold 11th anniversary

Dear all,

SSE has been with you for 11 years. To celebrate our 11th anniversary, we have prepared some gifts for you and for FFXIV players, we will offer special 10$ ilvl 320 full gear (original price 39.99$) as long as you buy any FFXIV products.

To learn more about this event, please go to our event page.


1. You have 100% chance to get gifts including free gold, discount, cash coupon, member points and member card.

2. Discount and cash coupon will be only valid on the day you get them. (GMT+8)

3. There’s limitation to use the cash coupon which has been listed on the gift card when you receive it.

4. To know more about member points, please read here.

5. Member card can be used at every order you make and offset 10% of the price.

6. For the 10$ FFXIV ilvl 320 gear, there will be option for you at the shopping cart.


If you have any query, please contact our 24/7 livechat for help.


Thank you all for your support.