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Cataclysm Outdoor Bosses

Cataclysm Outdoor Bosses

Do you recall when last you killed Taerar in Duskwood? Or perhaps another dragon boss of the Emerald Nightmare?

In Burning Crusade we had for example the Doomwalker near the entrance to Black Temple or the Doom Lord Kazzak in Hellfire Peninsula.

In WoTLK, not much attention was shown towards the World Bosses, but this has come to an end. Cataclysm did not only change Azeroth forever, but there were five Outdoor World Bosses added.

Each one of them drop an ilvl 346 item, so its similar to a regular heroic boss drop, not an epic quality drop as it was the case in all of the previous expansions.


After being the first boss of the 40-player raid zone, Molten Core, now available as a rare elite located in Mount Hyjal.

Mobus is a shark located in Vashj'ir, Abyssal Depths.

The light-blue highlighted part is his whereabouts.

He has three abilites and 30 million health points.

Ram: Casted frontal cleave that the tank can outrange.

Wave: Casted AoE hits for a fair amount of damage (has a charge up cast followed by the actual spell cast itself)

Algae: Appears to be a single target casted spell.

He drops approximately 300 gold and a nice polearm.

Aeonaxx & Xariona

AEONAXX is the male of Xariona and when located and brought down, he will drop the epic rare flying mount, has he is considered to be the Time Lost Proto Drake of Cataclysm.

Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake dropped by Aeonaxx, the mate of Xariona, flying around in Deepholm.

Xariona is the rare-elite spawn in here as well. She has 30 million health, with a typical dragon-ish ability, which deals heavy damage in cone of the caster.

Twilight Zone is a white circle where the tank MUST stand. It causes a 75% magic damage reduction.

Twilight Fissure is cast every 10-15 seconds on a random target excluding the tank. You need to move out of it asap.

If Unchained Magic is cast you need to run to the white circle produced by Twilight Zone if you want to survive, because it ticks for 200K.

On the map you can see the locations of both, Aeonaxx and Xariona. They do not share a spawn timer. Aeonaxx shares his with a low level bat.

He has 25,000,000 hit points and eight little adds that circle around him with 800,000 hit points each. It is advised to take a minimum of seven people with you, due to the adds and crowd-control. You can pull one add at a time. It is a long and boring fight.

He casts Magma Explosion every 30 seconds that is an ability, which all melee DPS and tanks need to run out of if they do not want to be instantly killed.

Magma Shackles is a spell he casts on random people and it's dispellable. You should dispel it as soon as possible and tank and melee should be on your top priority list.


Instead of being a rare-elite, this one is a boss, thus tagged as "Skull", with 30 million health. He is by far the easiest outdoor bosses of all, you just need to be aware of his Fury of the Sands ability which has a three second cast time and will make sand boulders erupt in all directions dealing Physical damage on impact.

With the title Akma'hat can be found in Uldum, he patrolls the area around the highlighted yellow circle.


Julak-Doom is the last rare-elite added in Cataclysm. He shares his health pool with his other colleagues, 30 million hit points. This is a rather difficult encounter and the drop can really be laughted at.

Julak-Doom resides in Twilight Highlands, in the highlighted blueish area.

  • As for his abilities, you need to move out of the eye beam that follows someone around (it is not up permanently but hurts a lot).
  • You need to move out of clouds
  • Don't stand in front of him, he has a Massive Shockwave which will one shot anyone but the tank. When cast, the tank should move away from him as well.
  • The most important part is to damage MIND-CONTROLLED PEOPLE until 90% of their HP, then they will go back to normal.