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Castle Heavensward Picture, Not an ingame screenshot!

Hours ago, Final Fantasy XIV official facebook posted a pic which, at the first sight, many fans mistakenly took it as one of the screenshots from the coming expansion: Heavensward.

outside of the castle

Heavensward banners!

the media event kicked off with a Heavensward presentation.

This actually occurs to me too when I saw it, but in fact, this pic is from a developer's blog, Camate, who is now at Chateau de Challain-La Potherie, Nantes, France, together with Yoshi-P, attending a special event—showing Heavesward content to various media outlets from France, Germany, the UK and other European countries.

In this blog, Camate reported their first day at this castle and we can also enjoy the beauty there. Meanwhile, FF fans expresses their expectation for the new expansion under that post on facebook.

Hope Heavensward can surprise all it's fans. Looking forward to the new dungeon!