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Can Warhammer Online: Skaven Turn the Tide?


Can Warhammer Online: Skaven Turn the Tide?

By Tony Stark
Tony Stark is a virtual world surfer, and enjoy this kinda life. He was a columnist of PC Gamer Taiwan ver. for 2 years before. He always tries to share his MMOGs experience and mind with everyone, sometimes it's very serious, but usually with the sense of humor. If you want to understand MMOGs more and deep, let him leading you to surf in this world!

I've almost stopped commenting WAR (Warhammer Online) since I quit it, because precisely, the game's basic settings have been fixed, and it is hard to avoid losing players gradually unless great changes are made. Skaven to be added is an extremely popular race in the Warhammer series and is likely to make a stir within a short time, but can WAR's existing problems thus be solved and WAR revive then?

The first thing that need be mentioned is that Skaven is actually not the third force of real independence, but a race that endows players with certain changes in sieges and that the two main forces can join. Why DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) can enjoy continuous support from large numbers of players is just due to the various dramas rising from the horrifying dynamic balance which is realized by the three independent factions, that is, players would change strategies at any time for the sake of their factions' interests, and thus affect the server's force balance. Anyway, DAoC is indeed a classic. DAoC has PVE effectively bound up with PVP, but such features is still unreachable in WAR's new RVR Pack where personal achievements seem to be paid more attention. For example, players work hard to improve their Renown Rank, and strive for new armor sets, new weapons, new dyes and new mounts. The elements that serve to arouse players' sense of collective honor are seldom innovated though.

Warhammer Online

Though many modifications are made in the existing Tier 2-4 fronts, the characterless gaming goals still keep unchanged. Only two factions, and simple win-lose standards! Even though the remaining 10 server groups have all reached "balance" till now in some degrees, it is just a result of players' concession to the situation they face. Whether the faction wins or loses is no more important. What matters is players' self-satisfaction and faithful support for the game, and that players are reluctant to quit the game where they've contributed great efforts. If WAR could stick to its promise made at the early development stage and present a complete design of the three battlefronts instead of a hurried, incomplete product for the sake of diversified attacking and defending targets, the situation might be better than the current one.

The interaction somewhat active among WAR's main servers currently is attributed to the reclamation of the international publishing rights. At least, wars are ignited on the various servers every day, and there're no really gloomy hours. The faction's strength depends on players' preference for it in different hours. Anyway, the current situation is basically stable, but it's inevitable that players will get tired of the character advancement one day in the future. In that case, WAR's prospect will still be not bright, if it still features the gaming goals that are characterless and the game content that is not profound enough.