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BNS Secrets of the Stratus Dungeons Overview

Secrets of the Stratus Dungeons will be added with the Secrets of the Stratus expansion. This guide is to introduce three dungeons for group and solo players. If you want to buy Blade and Soul gold, SSEGold provides Blade and Soul gold for sale now!

Mushin’s Tower F16 – F20

Recommended Level: 50 HM 13

The top 5 floors of Mushin’s Tower have opened their doors, which are new challenges for solo players trying to climb the upper reaches of the ancient monolith. This content is for the initiated and each floor has increasingly difficult boss encounters that represent a new pinnacle for challenge solo player content. There will be many rewards if you completing these changes. Some special rewards are the Lion’s Mane Hair, unrefined Divine Dragon, Mystic Monk outfit and Tiger Bracelets combined with Naryu Sanctum’s Draken Bracelet to creat new legendary Bracelets to enhance skills and Yunsang Prayer Beads which is can be used to exchange for Eternity and Tiger Weapons, Transcendence Soul Badges, the ability to swap Tiger Vracelets and Unrefined Divine Dragon for another.

but you’ll want to especially look out for the Mystic Monk outfit and Lion’s Mane Hair, Unrefined Divine Dragon and Tiger Bracelets (combined with Naryu Sanctum’s Draken Bracelet to create new Legendary Bracelets that enhance skills) and Yunsang Prayer Beads—a currency you can exchange for Eternity and Transcendence Soul Badges, Tiger Weapons, and the ability to swap Unrefined Divine Dragon and Tiger Bracelets for one another.

Naryu Sanctum

Recommended Level: 50 HM 13

Story Background: Long ago, Naryu Sanctum was a destination for ancient pilgrims in search of spiritual enlightenment, nestled deep in the Celestial Basin. When the Sanctum lost help with a jealous demigod from the Divine Realm who is known as Xanos the Everlasting, things changed from then on. Xanos sent his champion - Agoni, a fearsome automaton - to attack the Sanctum. This battle caused an earthquake of such intensity, leading to that area being buried for hundreds of years. With the earth shifting once more, Naryu Sanctum is now accessible by foolhardy treasure-seekers and warriors. But it says that Xanos still haunts the inner most chambers of the sanctum, which is the vengeful ruler of this own forgotten empire.

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Naryu Sanctum is available in both Normal and Hard difficulty modes which are now both 6-player fights and challenges players to uncover the ruins’ secrets and face some truly difficult encounters. You will confront four bosses. They will fall a number of sought-after rewards, like Void Fragments, the Xanos Necklace, Xanos Discs and the Legendary Draken Bracelet.