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Blade & Soul VS FFXIV - Which One Will You Play in 2017?

Both Blade & Soul and FFXIV are very popular among western countries. They are both MMORPGs. Which will you choose to play in 2017?

Blade & Soul

Character Customization of Blade & Soul is good and you can modify almost every part of the character’s face. There is no restriction on facial customization, which leads to many amazing creations from the players community.

The Graphics of Blade & Soul is just so so. It is a Unreal Engine 3 MMO. UE3 is a mature engine which offers a lot of options for players to adjust graphics settings, therefore this game can run various PC specs. But BNS doesn’t have day/night shift and weather system. Since Blade & Soul is a 2009 MMO, it doesn’t make full use of the latest visual technologies.

Skill and Progression in Blade & Soul is quite good. Each class can have its own abilities, most of which can grow and morph as you level up. Besides, you can create your own combos freely with the skills you like. Weapons can grow by feeding on other weapons. Weapons have a deep progression system which may takes you a lot of effort to upgrade to max. Therefore, you can buy cheap Blade and Soul gold from SSEGold to buy weapons for you. Moreover, soul shields can grant you additional stats.

The character design of Blade & Soul is probably the mot impressive one among all MMOs. This style can perfectly come beauty, grace, wild and strength, which makes the game characters welcome in both east and west. The customs and fashions are well designed. And some cultural elements are inserted into the outfits, making players like collecting them in the game.

Crafting and Gathering in Blade & Soul is quite traditional with seven crafting and seven gathering professions. You can learn two of each at a time. By crafting and gathering stuff, you can increase proficiency, and them get higher level.

The combat system of Blade & Soul is weak at least at the low levels. It is very balanced in PvP, which runs basically like a fighting game.

Final Fantasy XIV
The story of FFXIV is quite good. FFXIV has quite long main story quest which has decent story. If you want to unlock the dungeons, own the ability to have a mount or use the market board, you can not skip it, which makes all tied to the story. 

The group PVE of FFXIV is quite challenging, smooth, and tactical all at once. The community is fairly stellar. Except for combat, Casino, full fleshed housing system, tabletop board games and economy are good.

The character customization of FFXIV is too bad. You only have few choice for your character’s facial details. Only very little feature can show in this game.

The gathering and crafting of FFXIV has its own separate classes. Each of them has a full set of active abilities can passives, which makes professions quite engaging.

The weapons and armors in FFXIV is quite good. It has crazy weapons and armors. With the new classes and area added to the game, the combat revamp become more various. If you want more group pve focus, professions and economy is important to you, and more flashy aesthetics, FFXIV is a good choice. If you want to buy weapons, cheap FFXIV Gil is on sale on SSEGold!

The combat system is weak. Most players only has a 2.5sec GCD. The GCD decrease slightly at higher levels. In order to balance this, each class has many abilities off the GCD. At around level 30, this translates to most classes being constantly busy using abilities with no more down time.