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Blade & Soul Summoner Class Overview

Blade and Soul’s Summoner Class is a class with a pet - cat fight together. Generally speaking, the Familiar (cat) takes aggro of the mobs via melee attacks. Once attracting the opponent’s attention, the Summoners come in and attacks from a distance. With their skill set, Summoners can keep the opponents rooted in a place for a long time, which means they rarely suffer damage. If they get hit, they would take much more damage than their cats.

As summoners rarely get hit, they have top notch defensive skills which they can use to quickly escape from danger. In Blade & Soul, the Summoner class is the only class that has group healing abilities. Besides, summoners can hit hard against additional enemies with the help of their Familiar. Also, they can force the opponent targets to use their defensive escape skills with the help of their Familiar, and lock them down with the movement hindering skills straight after. Summoners can quickly drain the enemies hit points and find them off. As they are so versatile, summoners can play the role of crowd control, support and damage dealing tanking.

The Summoner class in only playable by the Lyn race.

Example Skills
Morning glory drain
Blade and Soul Gold



Requirement: While Familiar is dead.