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Blade & Soul: Skills Training

This is a guide about Blade & Soul skills training. If you have played Blade & soul, you must know all attacks in Blade and Soul are triggered by skills. There is no normal attack and automatic attack.

In the previous version of BNS, players can learn new skills by completing quests for newbies. And the newly acquired skills can be automatically linked to fixed shortcuts. Different shortcuts configuration are for different players. For instance, when Blade Master is in a ranged area from monsters, Sword Gust will automatically appear.

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From level 15, players can trigger skills training system by completing quests. To some extent, the skills training system is like game play of skills modifying and talent point. Because of limited training point, players need to choose skills to master.

The system will add more fun to the game play. At the same time, players can have various kinds of experience. Even more, players with same class will own completely different skill effect and combat mod by difference in skill point.

Referring to above picture, the left side is study. When players spend skill point and click skills on the left, they can learn new skills. The right side is training in the picture above. Skill point of players will be spent to make skill changes in the area.

There is an option on the left. Click it and you can get a new skill and trigger its specialization of the same line on the right where players can revise current skill effect. Some of specialization options own pre-posing skill.

Examples for skill training changes:

Punch of Kung - Fu Master is normal single attack before training. But it will be Strong Punch after that and become ranged attack.

Then you can switch Strong Punch to Explosive Fist. Besides ranged attack, you can also kick down units directly ahead of you and stun other units.

Besides single skill enchanted, players can enhance basic R key combo and regenerate MP so that they may have sufficient MP to cast other skills at any time.

Training Reset

Training point can be reset. Players can click "Reset" at lower right corner on training interface then they can pay to reset. The more point cost in the training interface, the higher the charge for reset will be.