Blade & Soul Secrets of the Stratus Item Changes

With the Secrets of the Stratus available in Blade and Soul, we can find there are big changes to materials, new Legendaries and reduces upgrade costs. A number of item-specific systems changes has made with the Secrets of the Stratus. If you want cheap Blade and Soul gold, SSEGold sells cheap Blade and Soul gold with professional services and safe transaction!

Materials Revamp

Upgrade materials, like Moonstone, Honorary Ornament, Soulstone and Frozen Singer, and primary crafting are revamped in the upcoming Secrets of the Stratus update, which gives us a lot of additional flexibility on the rewards we can hand out and where we can freely give out personal untradeable-version upgarde materials rewards without worry about introducing a large number into the trading economy or the potential for abuse.

Blade & Soul's primary crafting and upgrade materials (Soulstone, Moonstone, Frozen Stinger, and Honorary Ornament) are being revamped in the upcoming Secrets of the Stratus update. This will effectively split each of the existing items into tradeable and non-tradeable versions, while only the non-tradeable versions can be used/consumed (effectively the same as the Sealed/Unsealed functionality). This gives us a lot of additional flexibility on the rewards we can hand out and where; for example, we can more freely give out personal untradeable-version upgrade material rewards without worrying about introducing a large number into the trading economy, or the potential for abuse.

Here’s what the items will be after the patch release:

Item Before PatchItem After PatchTradable?Details
SoulstoneSoulstoneYesRight-click to convert to Soulstone Crystal.
Soulstone CrystalNoCan be used to upgrade/craft.
MoonstoneMoonstoneYesRight-click to convert to Moonstone Crystal.
Moonstone CrystalNoCan be used to upgrade/craft.
Frozen StingerSacred OrbYesRight-click to convert to Sacred Crystal.
Sacred CrystalNoCan be used to upgrade/craft.
Honorary OrnamentElysian OrbYesRight-click to convert to Elysian Crystal.
Elysian CrystalNoCan be used to upgrade/craft.

All of your existing items will become the tradable versions listed above, but they can’t be used to upgrade or craft until you process them into the Crystal version which also makes them untradeable.

Legendary Weapons
Upgrade Cost Reduction

Upgrade costs are being changed and reduced for the following weapons:

Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stages 1-10

Seraph/Baleful BeforeGoldSilverfrost Transformation StoneSilverfrost Premium Transformation StoneSoulstoneMoonstoneFrozen StingerHonorary OrnamentLegendary ElementNaryu Tablet
Stage 1100151 150300  10
Stage 217 1 3070  10
Stage 317 1 3070  10
Stage 450 1 5010015 15
Stage 550 1 5010015 15
Stage 650 1 5010015 15
Stage 750 1 7515030 20
Stage 850 1 7515030 20
Stage 950 1 7515030 20
Stage 1050 2 100200502025

Seraph/Baleful AfterGoldSilverfrost Transformation StoneSilverfrost Premium Transformation StoneSoulstoneMoonstoneSacred  CrystalElysian CrystalLegendary ElementNaryu Tablet
Stage 1303 9025   5
Stage 2171 6015 5 5
Stage 3171 6015 5 5
Stage 4501 10025 8 8
Stage 5501 10025 8 8
Stage 6505 10025 8 8
Stage 7505 15238 15 10
Stage 850 115238 15 10
Stage 950 115238 15 10
Stage 1050 120050 252012
Stage 1150 120050 252012
Stage 1250 120050 252012

Pleased noted that costs are not changing for Flower of Lament, Taikhan’s Skin, Forging Orb, or Xanos Disc.

Galaxy Stage Weapon Stages 1-9

Galaxy BeforeGoldSilverfrost Transformation StoneSilverfrost Premium Transformation StoneFrozen StingerHonorary OrnamentLegendary ElementGalaxy Fragment
Unrefined   10050 40
Stage 1501 10020520
Stage 2501 10020520
Stage 3501 10020520
Stage 4503 150301030
Stage 5503 150301030
Stage 6503 150301030
Stage 750 1150301045
Stage 850 1150301045
Stage 950 1150301045

Galaxy AfterGoldSilverfrost Transformation StonesSilverfrost Premium Transformation StoneSacred CrystalElysian CrystalLegendary ElementGalaxy Fragment
Unrefined   10020 40
Stage 1501 328520
Stage 2501 328520
Stage 3501 328520
Stage 4501 40101030
Stage 5501 40101030
Stage 6501 40101030
Stage 7503 40101045
Stage 8503 40101045
Stage 9503 40101045
Stage 1050 168171060
Stage 1150 168171060
Stage 1250 168171060

Ivorymoon (Awakened/True) Weapon Stages 1-10

Ivorymoon BeforeStatusGoldSilverfrost Transformation StoneSoulstoneMoonstoneFrozen StingerNaryu TabletSilverfrost Refining Stone
Stage 6Breakthrough5 30   30
Awakened Stage 1Transformation201701550575
Awakened Stage 6Breakthrough10 401030530
True Stage 1Transformation5031203010025105
True Stage 6Breakthrough15 6015501035
Awakened Stage 1Transformation (without Refining Stones)202140301001 
True Stage 1Transformation (without Refining Stones)505240602003 

Ivorymoon AfterStatusGoldSilverfrost Transformation StoneSoulstone CrystalMoonstone CrystalSacred CrystalNaryu TabletSilverfrost Refining StoneSilverfrost Mountains Dew
Stage 6Breakthrough1 10    15
Awakened Stage 1Transformation101501035120 
Awakened Stage 6Breakthrough3 15310   
True Stage 1Transformation202902570250 
True Stage 6Breakthrough5 20515   
Awakened Stage 1Transformation (without Refining Stones)10210020701  
True Stage 1Transformation (without Refining Stones)203180501402  

New Stages Available
As you can see in the above tables, there are new weapon stages available which allow players to further upgrade weapons.

Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stages 11-12 now available
Seraph/Baleful Weapon - Stage 11 upgrades to Raven Weapon - Stage 2
Seraph/Baleful Weapon - Stage 12 upgrades to Raven Weapon - Stage 3
Galaxy Weapon Stages 10-12 now available
Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stages 1-3 now available

These weapons are obtained by running Naryu Sanctum and Celestial Basin, and provide an opportunity to upgrade weapons outside of raiding.

Seraph Weapon - Stage 10 upgrades to Riftwalk Weapon - Stage 1
Seraph Weapon - Stage 11 upgrades to Riftwalk Weapon - Stage 2
Seraph Weapon - Stage 12 upgrades to Riftwalk Weapon - Stage 3
Baleful Weapon - Stage 10 upgrades to Dawnforged Weapon - Stage 1
Baleful Weapon - Stage 11 upgrades to Dawnforged Weapon - Stage 2
Baleful Weapon - Stage 12 upgrades to Dawnforged Weapon - Stage 3

Blade and Soul Gold

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