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Blade & Soul Review

Since the first releasing version of Blade & Soul in Asia, it has been four years. For western fans of Blade and Soul, the wait has been torture. But it is finally here. Now both North America and Europe regions players can play this game.

Blade and Soul blends the tradition of fighting games MMOs idea. However, its combat system doesn’t prompt it better than other MMORPGs. Compared to Widstar which is a free-to-play game developed by NCsoft.

If you have played any MMO before, you may know the similar features of MMOs that Blade & Soul will cover with. On your way to complete story quest and reach the level up, you can go through fantastical mountains and jungles, run dungeons, pr training gathering and crafting skills.

Blade & Soul is full of fun with charming moments. There are many PvE campaigns and you have to deal with it, which is just like sitting at the dinner table and your mother threaten you to withhold your favorite dishes until you eat up the vegetables.

It is an endless barrage of go here to kill X of Y quests mixed with a few variants which always fail to mix things up. It is early impossible to skip these quests to level up. PVP and dungeons may only suit for more patient players, nevertheless, these two ways can provide fair amount of exp point, which is much than any other means.

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