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Blade & Soul PvP Guide

There are two types of PvP in Blade & Soul, personal PvP called Arena and large-scale PvP called World PvP.


Fighting with other fellow players, Arena is one of the best ways to show your skills. You can learn PvP well, you can handle how to apply a skill rotation performing serial sequences of combos in order to beat an opponent as fast as possible with a spare room for survival abilities.


Arena in Blade & Soul is mainly meaning to fight. Only players with similar levels, equal ranks and equipment can be matched up together. The Blade & Soul system can automatically value the players’ character level to ensure both parties have the same chance to win. The Arena rewards players with “Zen Beans” which is a special currency only offered through PvP related features, such as PvP daily quests, Arena, World PvP, etc. Zen Beans can be used for many purposes like crafting, making materials and upgrade some skills. Definitely, the PvP winner can get more Zen Beans than the loser. If you want to get cheap weapons, just buy Blade and Soul gold from SSEGold!

You can enter Arena by pressing “F9”. When entering, you will have an option to duel with a random player or a specific opponent at Arena Lobby. You will be automatically moved to the Dueling Grounds for a preparation once the opponent is confirmed. This stage lasts only 30 seconds for you to adjust all skills to deal the most DPS while giving great survival abilities. To start the fight, just press “Shift + F”. The rules of PvP in Blade and Soul consists of 3 rounds, each of which lasting 3 minutes. The player who knocks down an opponent first will be the winner.

World PvP

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To join world pvp, you should firstly choose to join a faction. After then, you will be given a faction uniform. In Blade and Soul, you can choose either the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion. To join the World PvP, you must equip the faction uniform to do daily faction quests or use a faction windstride port.

You can open the map to look for faction symbols, then travel to the battle field with a faction uniform equipped.
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Build Up Your Reputation through Prestige Points
You will receive a temporary currency which lasts a single play session, which is called Prestige Points once killing an opponent from another faction. In verse, you will lose these prestige points if you lose in the battle.

Prestige Points is very important as they can be used to build up a reputation within your chosen faction. When you firstly join a faction, you have a reputation at Rank 10. The highest rank is Rank 1.

The higher rank you are in, the more precious rewords will be unlocked. If you change a faction on the very moment, the Rank will be reset to Rank 10.

Since the prestige points last only for a single play session, you should spend it before removing a PvP flag. Besides, the Prestige Poins will be reset when you use Windstride, change channels, don’t equip the faction uniform and leave the game.

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