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Blade & Soul new expansion - Secrets of the Stratus expansion - arrives April 12

NCSoft West announced that there will be a massive new expansion on Blade & Soul this April in Europe and North America. This update is called Secret of the Stratus which is to make a shift in pace for free play. NCSoft will offer large and more gorgeous expansions on a slightly slower release schedule than before. This shift will give enough time to experience and play through new content, with something Secret of the Stratus embodying. If you want to buy cheapest Blade and Soul gold, there is a big discount now!

The Secret of the Stratus will bring a number of new changes to Blade and Soul. An significant improvement includes a full overhaul of the skill system, which makes more user-friendly while still allowing players the same degree of customization as before. In addition, Secret of the Stratus brings Act VII of the main story and several new PVE areas to the game, which is suitable for most end-game players.

Celestial Basin – An exciting new open-world area for solo and casual players
Naryu Sanctum – A challenging dungeon for six players and full of incredible rewards
Mushin’s Tower – New floors and leaderboards are being added to this popular solo dungeon
Training Room – A solo instance for players to practice skill combos and attack patterns

Some other new content include:

Skill trees - Replaced with a new, simplified system and interface
Hongmoon Training room- practice combos and boss attacks

Mushin's Tower floors 16-20

What’s more, NCSoft is getting a purchasable voucher which can let players instantly create a new level 50 character. This is the quickest way to try out a brand new high-level character if you have been absence for a long time or want to try out a new class in Blade and Soul.

Secrets of Stratus is due April 12, 2017—more information can be gleaned from the Blade and Soul official website.Hope this new expansion can bring more fun to Blade and Soul.