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Blade & Soul Master Founder Packs is quite expensive

Some players said they DON"T NEED any of the packs to enjoy the game at launch, nor they forcing you to buy it! Then I do some research about the price.

Master Founder Packs:

1. 5 Character slots, you know how much costs a character slot in other Online games ? around 8-10 euros. You'll get 5 slots, lets take the minimal price which is 8 euros, 5x8=40 euros.

2. 7200 Ncoins. Buying 8k Ncoin from NCsoft website costs 100 euros..... lets say 7200 euros is 85 euros.

3. 2 Character alteration coupons, in Guild Wars 2 such a item costs 10 euros. Here you'll get 2, thats 20 euros.

4. 2 Unique Costumes and weapon skins, in Guild Wars 2 for example, one costume costs around 9 euros. Here you'll get 2, that's 18 euros.

5. 90 Day Premium sub. This one is tricky, because we don't know how much will it cost. In other games, a monthly sub (30days) is around 10 euros. Lets presume that B&S VIP monthly membership costs 8 euros. 90

days = 3 months = 3x8 = 24 euros.

TOTAL VALUE of Master pack: 40+85+20+18+24= 187 euros PLUS the other free stuff you get with the pack, like Beta access, Free Head gear, Level 4 Membership rank, head start, Name reservation, etc.

Definitely it's very expensive! If you want to reduce your cost on this game, just buy Blade and Soul gold from SSEGOLD as we are cheap and fast delivery.

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