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Blade & Soul Guide: How to Get Unsealing Charms

If you have played Blade & Soul before, you must know unsealing charms are of great importance for upgrading system in Blade & Soul. Unsealing charms are really hard to get especially after level 15. This guide is to give some tips and tricks on how to get unsealing charms in Blade and Soul.

Unsealing charm is important as players need it to upgrade gear. In Blade and Soul, most gear items need a seal to unlock them and make them usable, which means if you only get the item, but without any charms in hand, you will be stunk in the process of upgrading. With the leveling higher and higher, it becomes hard to get unsealing charms.

Beginner Quests and Surveys

At early levels, you just need to complete a few quests and you will award some unsealing charms or HongMoon unsealing charms. As they are useful, don’t waste them for unnecessary gears, such as high quality soul shield pieces, or you will run of them quickly.

Training Chain Quest

Another useful way to get unsealing charm is to complete purple training quest, which can help you learn your most common and useful combos, too. The rewards of completing the chain contain five unsealing charms and a few other things. So don’t skip the purple quest though you have known your combos.

Daily Quests

Daily quests is one option after the first levels. Most daily quests can reward you with a chest that has a small percentage to drop an Unsealing Charm. Though it is not a common drop, it is of great use as you can obtain exp, BNS gold, potions and other items form it. As long as you wish, you can do low level dailies.

General Merchant

If you have enough BNS gold, just buy unsealing charms from other players. Normally, during beta times, the price of charms are lower from players than that of General Merchants!

The marketplace provides nice service, especially in urgent need for an item that you can’t find anywhere. You just need to search for a Vault market or Mail shop NPC to open the Marketplace. Write the name of the charms on the search bar and click ‘OK’, you can find a few!

Daily Dash Spin

Daily Dash sounds like a luck-based way to Honhmoon Unsealing Charms. You can spin a smale roulette for a number and you can get items in the puzzle depending on the number you get. There are a great many of useful items from this mini-game.


The easiest and cheapest way to get unsealing charms is to craft them by yourselves. What you need to do is to join the Earthseers craftsman Guild at the Jadestone Village and get exp among them. Then you need to get some materials from other professions, like Pottery and Fishing. Then you can create you own amazing charm. And it is a good way to start your own business in game.