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Blade & Soul: Daily Quests Introduction

In Blade and Soul, there are many quests for players to be completed. Not all quests must be completed. Through your journey you will experience a whole story of good and evil, along with your progress towards your goal. At this process, there are some quests which can never truly be completed. These quests can revolve recurring regional problems and offer you ability to continually give assistance everyday for additional rewards.

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It is possible for players to complete 40 daily quest per day. Which can be marked by an infinity symbol with a blue quest marker. Quest with this symbols indicates it can be completed everyday. As for the locations full of daily quests, you can go to Noticeboards where it shows where there are daily quests there.

Normally, most daily quests require players to offer assistance and complete a certain task, while some are provided by specific faction members, which requires players to wear that faction’s clothing to accept them.

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When you defeat the enemies during daily quest, you have chances to get their own unique treasures. When turning in a daily quest, you can get a variety of rewards like Blade & Soul gold, EXP, Valor Stones and consumables.

Though repeated completing daily quests is not considered to be a good source of income or farming Blade & Soul gold, it can help enhance the character’s power through upgrades and consumables.