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Blade & Soul Classes in PvP

Blade & Soul has been released for more than a month. There are still new players coming to start play this game. As we know, Blade & Soul has a good PvP system as an Arena. Then new players may want to know which class is the best PvP class in Blade and Soul. In terms of me, there is no best PvP class but most suitable class for PvP. This guide is to analysis on advantages and disadvantages in PvP of each class based on my experience in Blade and Soul. If you want to buy cheap Blade and Soul gold, SSEGold is your best choice with ten years of mmo gold selling experience.


Assassin has teleport which is a decisive ability. If Assassin make good use of this ability, he can gain great advantage at the beginning or turn the tide in the middle of the fight. It is no doubt anyone that master this ability can be a formidable fighter in Blade & Soul. Assassin has great chance to win when fighting against Kung- Fu Master and a little change when fighting against Blade Master and Destroyer. In my opinion, Assassin is the best Melee class in PvP.

Blade Master
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In the newest version, Blade Master has been buffed while facing ranged classes, particularly when knocking opponent into the air, which greatly changes the position of Blade Master in PvP. However, NCsoft has solved it to re-balance Assassin and Destroy to ensure Blade Master not becoming too powerful. Generally speaking, Blade Master has some advantages against ranged class, while not so challenge when battling against Assassin. It is nearly 50% chance to win Destroyer.


Destroyer can get significantly buffed against ranged class. Summoner can be the best victim of the Destroyer’s buffed. Also, Destroyer can go 50-50 against other melee classes. Some players who are skilled at staying mobile or skilled runners when battle with Destroyer can bring a lot of trouble to Destroyers. To master this skill, it needs a lot of practice to play hit-and-run against Destroyer.

Kungfu Master

Kungfu Master's buff lies in the ability to knock down the opponent on the ground. Skilled players can nail the opponent on the ground each time they knock the opponent down unless the opponent uses TAB button ability. It's a high burst class so I think Kungfu Master isn't underdog against any other class. Two classes should be careful are Destroyer and Summoner. To sum up, Kungfu Master doesn't stand any advantage or disadvantage when faces all other classes.

Summoner has good CC skill plus Morning Glory Drain. Skilled summoner is not likely to be affected by Big Sunflower nerf. But quite a lot of summoners and melee classes can be affected by Big Sunflower nerf. Some cunning summoners can use Hornet and then refresh Hornet’s cooldown through Chestnut Burr, which can make the opponent’s FPS unstable. In short, Summoner has no advantage when fight against melee class.

Force Master

Compared with other melee classes, Force Master doesn’t get any vital buff. But in my opinion, Force Master is the weakest class for PvP.
Many less useful abilities are changed. But compared with the enhancement of other melee classes, Force Master doesn't get any vital buff. For me, Force Master is the last class I'd choose in PvP.

Blade Dancer

Though Blade Dancer’s Sunder + Storm Cleave get nerf, his Lightning Slash is quite powerful. Other classes should watch out for Lightning Slash. Though, Blade Dancer gets some nerf, he is still a strong opponent in PvP.