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Blade & Soul Class Analysis Part 2

Summoner is considered to be the easiest class in Blade and Soul. They are assisted by a cat that can revive allies and tank well. Due to the cat and self healing abilities, Summoners are durable. Their main damage comes from DoTs, debuffs & party buffs. Summoners also have stealth + dodges in their kit, which can make them safe and a little bit of a hassle to catch in PVP. However, they are vulnerable when the cat is crowd control or dead (mainly in PVP). They have one of the slowest attack speeds in Blade & Soul and paired with sometimes unreliable AI from their cat summon. The cat also takes a small time to resummon/heal. This class is a Lyn exclusive.

Difficulty - 2/5

Blade Master:
Blade Masters has powerful defense due to their large number of blocks and evades, which makes them tank quite well. As they have high overall damage output, they can protect their party from all attacks if well trained skills. However, they have no party buffs, and they can only block attacks coming from the front with most of their damage.

Difficulty - 3.5/5

Blade Dancer:
Lyn Blade Dancers are mainly Blade Master for lyn with the same skill set with some differences. The main differences are that Blade Dancers have lower health, defense and block compared to normal Blade Masters but much higher crit and evasion compared to normal Blade Masters. Blade Dancers also have a lot more AoE & crowd control in their kits but overall damage is slightly lower. They have to use their spin skill “Pinwheel” for defense unlike Blade Masters usual block. Overall, this class is a slightly easier compared to Blade Master. This class is a lyn exclusive.

Difficulty - 2.5/5

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In conclusion, Blade & Soul has a number of classes, which are unique compared to other mmos. With the fast combat system, learning curves is a major thing in this game. In my opinion, if you are a new player of this game, I suggested you choose a class with difficulty around 3/5 or lower at the beginning so that you can learn the game well and enjoy yourself. When you well master this game, you can challenge other classes.