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Blade & Soul Class Analysis Part 1

With the newly releasing of Blade and soul coming to North America, many players are looking forward to playing this game. However, there are seven classes in Blade & Soul. Then how to choose a suitable class becomes a problem for many players. This article is to analysis the difficulty of each class and their differences so that you can pick up an appropriate class for yourself.


Assassins are all about misdirection with stealth and tons of movement abilities, which makes them one of the best classes for PVP. They can destroy enemies over time with their strong emphasis on DoTs and debuff. Assassin are good to group team as they can protect party members from ranged attacks and pull them out of danger as long as they are willing to. However, Assassin is considered to be the most difficult classes in Blade & Soul after KungFu Master.

Difficulty - 4/5


Destroyers are the most durable class in Blade & Soul with the highest HP. As they own the strongest crowd control abilities among all the classes, they are easy to play. Besides, they have high sustained damage output throughout PVE, so they can control bosses for up to 6 seconds. It is a little difficult to play at the first couple of levels as all of their DPS comes from animation cancels. They also have a key move called whirlwind to provide immunity to stun, daze and knock back when increasing movement speed, defense and parry which are dependent on the amount of skill points used on this ability.

Difficulty - 2.5/5

KungFu Master:

KungFu Masters are good tanks of parties. When battling with powerful bosses, they can keep aggro as they have many skills. They have high defense with their counter abilities. With skilled ice shield, they can protect their entire party. It is no doubt that KungFu Masters are known as the most difficult class in Blade & Soul. They are lack of AOE abilities and are usually full on single target DPS.

Difficulty: 4.5/5

Force Master:

Force Masters are ranged classes. They have high sustained damage with lots of slows and roots. With many defensive and immunity skills, they can live for long periods of times and can affect the whole party. They are extremely soft and really hard to use in PVP.

Difficulty - 3.5/5

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Tomorrow I will update this guide about Blade & Soul classes analysis. Hope you can post your comments on how to choose classes in Blade and Soul and the difference among different classes.