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Blade and Soul Weapons Guide

Though there is a complex weapon system in Blade & Soul, you will feel cool as you can upgrade and evolve low level weapons to very powerful ones. The below Hongmoon gear progression tree is based on the Korean version. Maybe the NA/EU version is a little different in the cost, it is worthy of your reading.


In Blade & Soul, each class has its unique weapon can can only equip that type of weapon, which is a little different from other MMOs. You can get weapon by many methods. You can buy them from weapon merchants. If you have enough Blade and Soul Gold , you can buy from some online game store. Also, you can get weapons from completing quests and killing monsters which drop some weapons. If you reach level 16 or higher, you can buy from the market. In Blade & Soul, you can choose to change the appearance of your weapon with a weapon skin.

Main weapon - Hongmonn weapon

When you reach the Bamboo Village, you will receive main weapon - Hongmoon weapon which should be kept and strengthened for a long time.

The higher level Hongmoon weapon reaches, the more strong attributes it will get. When you train the low level weapon to level 5, it will breakthrough to level 6 with the power of a rare weapon. When it reaches level 10, it can transform into a new weapon with a new name and appearance.

Along your way upgrading, Hongmoon weapon’s attributes keep increasing, including leveling up, breakthrough and transformation. Moreover, your main weapon evolve many times until you reach level 45, which is the only weapon that can be evolved. Since it requires some ingredient items at high levels, your way of leveling up becomes more and more difficult.

When defeating your enemies, they will drop their own weapons sometimes, or crystals as rewards. If the power from other weapons is added to your own weapon, it can strengthen your weapon and enhance your weapon’s attributes.

After defeating your enemies, they will drop their own weapons at times, or crystals as rewards, and these can be added to your weapon. When you add the power from other weapons to your own, it will strengthen your weapon and enhance your weapon's attributes.

Below video is for your reference to compile 1-45 Weapon Evolution in Blade & Soul.