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Blade and Soul Soulstone Farming Guide For Melee

This video explain how you can farm Soulstones immediately. Melee can farm some soulstones, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Just killing each of those elite ogres is pretty much like fighting a motion tower boss over and over again. I am going to give you alternate routes of farming soulstones.

There is obvious they misty woods dailies. This takes myself only about 11 minute to finish literally. It is quite easy. I do all the misty woods once else to all the beach one’s a hogshead, which takes about 10-12 minutes and get 17 soulstones. However, there is a downside. It takes up six daily quests. If you are trying to min max your daily output each day, this may not be worth. But you are just trying to farm soulstones. This mean you can get roughly 75 soulstones an hour, which is quite a lot.

I find a group for huge full moon. This guy is in soulstone planes technically. But it is not like the rest of the boxes. It is more than a tank and spank. You don’t need that much gear to do it. It is 20 soulstone, and it takes about 10 minutes. If you really want soulstones, uge moment is by far the best bang for you buck.

Also, you can kill the exiles. It takes two minutes to get two more soulstones. Now, you can easily get 40 soulstones half an hour. It means you can get 80 soulstones an hour, and each of them sells 27 silver, calculating that is exactly 21.6 Blade and Soul gold per hour. So this is really good Blade and Soul gold farming way, too.

The next place about doing is Arenas. I broke down what you can get by farming arenas zen beans and converting that soulstones. If you platinum, you get about 40 soulstones per 2010 beans.

Then just watch the below video for details.