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Blade and Soul Guide: Which Soul Shields Sets to Aim For

In Blade and Soul, each piece of a Soul Shield has somewhat randomized stats. If you want prioritizing critical rate and highest rolls on each stat, just max out these stats until you can work on the Mushin/Bloodshade Harbor/Naryu Labyrinth pieces.

Below are steps for you reference.

1.It takes about 4-8 Moonwater Valor stones to buy pieces of the Moonwater Renowned set from the vendor in Hohshead Hamlet, which is your basic set for starting. And it can replace any soul shield set you currently have. You can go to below location on the map to find the vendor.

2.Get Blackram Supply set from Blackram Supply bosses. It is really quite easy for most players to pass on these Soul Shields, which means it is easily to get at least 2 pieces from your first successful run of the dungeons. It is not worth of using 1 silver to bid in auctions or unseal more than 3 pieces as you can use only a few pieces of this set to complete Mushin’s Tower.

3.When completing Mushin’s Tower floors 4-7, you can get pieces of the Endless Tower set.
4.After killing Bloodshade Harbor bosses, you can acquire Bloodshade Harbor set.
5.After killing Naryu Labyrinth bosses, you can get pieces of the Naryu set.
6.After completing Mushin’s Tower floor 8, you can finalize your set by working on Mushin’s set. This is the best set for World PVP, however, it is not suggested you use it in PVE dungeons except that you have no other choice.

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