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Blade and Soul Guide: The Hall of Ogong Dungeon

This guide is to introduce how to complete Blade and Soul Dungeon the Hall of Ogong. I will analysis the skills of the boss Wukiho, how to kill it and give some tips for beginners who are not familiar with this game. This guide is divided into three parts: Skills of Wukiho - the boss of Hall of Ogong, How to kill Wukiho and tips.

Skills of Hall of Ogong Boss Wukiho

At the beginning of the battle, the boss will call out the bears and tigers to help him fight.

Clockwise/Counterclockwise Swing

When you see the boss with a weapon in his right hand jumping, you can hold aggro and attack him with one counterclockwise and one clock wise attack. Though the damage is low, the speed is quite fast, so it should be blocked. When the attack results in over 500 damage, it should be blocked. You should upgrade your weapon well and you can buy cheap Blade and Sou  gold from SSEGold to get necessary materials for upgrading your weapons.

Five Point Strike
Before rushes towards you with aggro, the boss will move backwards 10 meter and attack you and all target five times or so. This attack can cause floating effect, trigger 10,000 damage which can be blocked.


With the weapon in his right hand, the boss stabs the target with one strong attack that can cause damage and dizziness, which can bring additional dizziness effect and trigger 2000 damage that can be blocked.

How to Kill the Boss
It takes mobs to kill Wukiho. The key to kill Wukiho is that you should kill the 2 adds which are called out by hime and avoid the Five Point Strike.

After it calls out two mobs, the main tank should pull the boss up the stairs behind, which can leave more space for other players to kill the two mobs. When others are fighting the mobs, the main tank needs only T steadily.

If there is Summoner or Force Master in your group, you can stand outside the target of hatred in the range of 10 meters to kill the mobs, which can prevent the Five Point Strike. When the mobs get killed, Assassin can release damage output to the boss. The Blade Master can use Flock of Blades to release output.

If there is Force Master or Summoner in the group, the player can stand outside the target of hatred in the range of 10 meters to kill the mobs, to prevent the attack of the boss' Five Point Strike. After the mobs are killed, the Assassin and Blade Master can use Flock of Blades can release damage output to the boss. The main tank is the one who holds aggro and avoids the boss' Five Point Strike.
When it moves backwards, melee players leave the main tank’s range. The main tank should block the Five Point Strike and stabs. It is kindly suggested that other classes should not share the aggro as the group is likely to be wiped out.


When the boss uses the Five Point Strikes, the player will suffer the damage five times if there is no other player around the main tank, which means the players can share the damage if there are other players.

If you are beginners of Blade and Soul, the attacks should be blocked and avoided when the boss is performing Five Point Strike. When the boss is about to perform Five Point Strike, Kung Fu Master and Force Master should use freezing skill to freeze the boss still to ensure the boss keep staying still when releasing strike. Kung Fu Master can block the strike and Assassin can use the Decoy to avoid.

Hope this guide can be help for you completing the Dungeon The Hall of Ogong First Boss Wukiho.