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Blade and Soul Guide: Mushin's Tower From Floor 1 - Floor 6

With the update of Rising Waters, Mushin’s Tower is open. This dungeon is not so difficult, but if you can level up your weapon and soul shield. This guide is to introduce how to complete Mushin’s Tower from Floor 1 - Floor 6.

Mushin Tower Floor 1

You need to choose any two NPC challengers to challenge. Then talk to Eremite Chong Un who is standing in the middle of the hall, and then choose one of the six flags, which respectively correspond to six classes with each professional logo. It is suggested you choose the class that have the largest chance of winning.

Tips: They will place the trap on the ground in addition to the occupation of the signature plays, therefore pay attention to move.

Mushin Tower Floor 2

In this floor, you need to defeat Destroyer Ying Gan which is an upgrade version boss of the desert King Kong Lohan. He has 5 attack methods, and the attack mode is giant hammer hit the ground → normal attack *2 → Fire giant hammer → whirlwind.

1. Normal attack: waving a hammer from left to right, or from right to left.
2. Giant hammer hit the ground: The hammer aloft, then severely hit the ground. With knock down effect.
3. Fire giant hammer: The hammer aloft, then severely hit the ground and produce flames. With knock down effect.
4. Whirlwind: waved the hammer to behind, then holding the hammer whirling.
5. Jump attack: if you are from the boss 15 meters, it will jump to your side, with a hammer to hit the ground and produce flames. With knock down effect.

Mushin Tower Floor 3

After beating three small elite monster, now you have to face a real boss.
The first elite monster has 6 batches of small followers around him, and you need to kill all of them. You should be careful enough as no matter what group of monsters you attack, it will trigger the hatred of elite monsters. If you kill the elite monster directly, it will trigger the hatred of the next elite strange debut.
The second elite monster has high attack power and 3 followers. It is recommended you kill the elite firstly, and the three followers will automatically leave.

The third elite monster is the same with the second one, you should kill the elite firstly and the followers will disappear.

The Final boss, The anonymous - Pupil which is a boxer without any special skills, but with more blood.

Mushin Tower Floor 4

The difficulty begins to increase from the Mushin Tower floor 4. You need to buy Blade and Soul energy source from the Envoy of the Eremite Chong Unnama Black Lightning first, then choose one of the six NPCs who is meditating on the floor and he will help you kill the floor 4 boss - Thousand Souls.

Six NPCs are the challengers of Floor 1, therefore this floor is a test of how your class matches.

Boss Skills Mechanism
1. Go toward the direction of the max hatred target flutter and follow the opposite side of continuous attack.
2. When the whole body curls up, he will inflict damage to you and you should knock down after 2 seconds or so.
3. Summon monsters every once in a while, the monsters will attack the target of hatred.

Mushin Tower Floor 5

To challenge Floor 5, you need equipment. You can use Blade and Soul gold to purchase good equipment for you. Or if your equipment is poor, you can kill the boss - King of Stone Golems with high blood and defense.

You should kill it before the boss violent and use BUFF from four small oosts of on the ground, which is the key to maximize the use of these buff in this floor. You can get one buff each time. And during the effect lasts, you can’t get the other buff. Moreover, the used buff can’t be used for twice. It is important to keep the buff effect covering the entire battle and watch out of the moves. This floor is to test your outbreak ability and don’t begrudge the long CD skills.

BUFF effect: 1) add crit, 2) improve attack power and critical rate, 3) improve the health recovery, attack, etc. 4) improve the defense and attack attributes, and add extra attribute each attack.

Mushin Tower Floor 6

Go through the wheel of fate to draw and kill the last boss from the four Moonwater dungeon: Brighstone Ruins, Hall of Ogong, The Pigsty, Skittering Tunnels. The gameplay is the same with the dungeon. Of course, if you draw the lucky pig, there will be a pig with 16 health, equal to this floor is free for you.

Hope this guide can be helpful for your Mushin’s Tower journey.